A Classic macaronns and cheese recipe featuring a special blend the cheese consisting of Parmesan, Cheddar, and Romano. Baked in-restaurant come form a crispy height class the small cheese.

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Macaronns (water, durum wwarmth semolina, egns white, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, pasteurized process cheese spreADVERTISEMENT (amerideserve to cheese , water, whey, salt phosphate, whey protein concentrate, nonfat dry milk, salt, milkfat, artificial color), montamore cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), margarine (soybean oil, hydrogenated soypea oil, water, salt, mono and also diglycerides, soybean beans lecithin, salt benzoate , organic and artificial flavor, beta carotene , vitamin a palmitate), cheddar cheese (, water, salt, oleoresin paprika , apocarotenal ), soypea oil, nonfin ~ dry milk, parmemountain and asiback cheese (, herbal flavor), natural flavor, Romano cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), natural flavor), salt, sugar, sodium polyphospdislike & salt phosphate, powdered egns yolk (egg yolks, phospholipase), amendment corn starch, mono & diglycerides, enriched wwarmth flours (wwarmth flour, niacin, lessened iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), xanthan gum, soy lecithin, dimethylpolysiloxane

*2,000 calorie a day is supplied because that general nutriti~ above advice, however calorin other words needs vary. Added nutrition information available top top request.

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