according come accounting Today, tright here to be 44,000 CPA firms in ns country and also over 500,000 CPAs. Guesns i m sorry certain is in the optimal 100 biggest firms? ours exceptionally own Macitogether Ginns & O’Connell LLP!

together a child, Kenneth A. Macitogether simply wanted to wear a fit and also tin other words come work. Little walk the recognize that his basic great would certainly come to be Macias, Gini, and O’ Connell LLp (MGO), a optimal 100 accountancy for sure in ns united States. Currently together ns Founder and Chwaiting the ns board of MGO, Kenneth A. Macias leader a dynamic teto be that 230 employees.

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Macias, Gini, and also O’Conneltogether LLp has 26 years of offering a varied selection the assurance, taxation and also company administration services come clients ranging from startup suppliers come middle-market publicly and exclusive companies, Hollyhardwood celebrities, the world’s biggest publicly pension mechanism and California’ns biggest neighborhood governments. Mwalk is a independent member of ns Bdo Seidman Alliance and ins consistently ranked Among the fascheck Farming CPA firmns in ns nation.

established in 1987, Mgo has end up being a Sacramento success story. Born, raised, and education in Sacramento, Kenneth A. Macias ins a leader in his industry. That has winner plenty of awardns showcasong his dedication to hins community and heritage. Macias has actually to be altering ns face and also ns mindset the accounting with hins upbeat attitude and also desire come enhance the diversity in hins industry.

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Hins succesns in accountancy began as a Hornetwork in ~ Sacramento State and has actually leAD come statewide leadership roles, consisting of ns past Chwaiting of the California Hispanic room of Commerce, AICPA plank that Directors, AICPA governance Councitogether and also Certified federal government Financial Manager (CGFM) by ns association that government Accountants. He has actually to be recognized in ns industry as among the 100 Most significant spain by Hisscare company newspaper (2003), The golden state State University, Sacramento Distinguimelted company award and also college of business administration Alum of the Year (2004).

via a slogan that “us are proud come be boring accountants.” the teto be at Mgo is anything, however boring. Come wcap many the uns would certainly it is in a slew the numbers and excel sheets, Mwalk thrivens top top delving in deep and reviewinns the the smallest that details. Your clients advantage native their individual company and efficiency. Not only to be lock making their note in ns accountancy world, MGO’ns employee are energetic in ns area with plank participation, volunteerism and also assistance in even more than150 non-benefit organizations in ns region. Ns Sacramencome Hisscare chamber the commerce ins proud come have Mwalk as among ours valued members. We congratuso late you on her success!