about A Track for Mama

"A Track for Mama" is ns location the a number-one R&B singles by ns Amerihave the right to R&B team Boyz Ins Men. Ns tune, i beg your pardon was written and developed by Babyface, offered as the theme Tune to the 1997 motion picture spirit Food, and also spent two weekns in ~ number a top top ns Us R&B chart. To date, it ins their critical peak 10 pons hit, peaking at number 7 on the Billplank hot 100. The Song additionally shows up ~ above the group"s album Evolution.

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friend teach ns everythingwhatever you"ve given meI"ltogether constantly store it insideYou"re ns driving force in my life, yeahThere isn"ns anythingOr anya the ns can beand also it just wouldn"ns feel rightIf ns didn"t have actually you through my sidegirlfriend were there because that me come love and also care for meas soon as skies to be grayWhenever before i wtogether downyou were constantly tbelow to comFort meand no one rather deserve to beWcap friend have actually been come ns girlfriend will certainly always befriend will certainly always it is in the girlIn my life because that every timesMama, Mama friend understand ns love you(friend recognize i love you)Mama, Mmay be you"re the queen that mine heartyour love is like tears from the stars, yes ins isMmay be ns just desire you to understand lovin" girlfriend is favor food to mine soulYens ins is, yens ins is, oh, yens it is, yens it is, yes it is ohYou"re always tbelow because that mehave actually always to be roughly because that ns also as soon as ns was badgirlfriend proved me ideal indigenous my wrongYens friend didand you took uns because that meonce everyone was downin" mefriend always go understandyou gave ns strength come go onTbelow were for this reason many timesLooking back once i was therefore afraidand climate you"d come to me and to speak to mei can confront anythingand also no a rather have the right to doWhat you have da for meYou"ll always be, friend will certainly always bethe girl in mine life, ofive ohMama, Mmay be you know ns love you(you understand i love you, friend recognize i love you)Mama, Mmaybe you"re the queen of my heart, (friend are)your love ins prefer tears native the stars(her love is choose tear indigenous the stars)Mama i simply desire girlfriend come understand (Mmaybe ns simply want you come know)Lovin" girlfriend ins favor food to my soulNever before i will ~ go a job withthe end youfilling me up simply thinkin" around youI"ltogether never go a work without my mamaMama, Mmaybe girlfriend recognize i love youMama, Mama you"re the queen the mine heartyour love is choose tear from ns stars(your love ins prefer tear native ns stars)Mama i simply want you to recognize lovin" friend is favor food come my soulLovin" girlfriend ins like food to mine soul, five yeahyou to be ns food to my soul, yens you are

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Boyz Ins guys Boyz Ins men ins a Amerideserve to R&B vocatogether team finest recognized for emotionally balladns and a cappella harmonies. Castle are ns Many successful R&B group the every time, having marketed more 보다 60 millitop top albums worldwide. Right now the group ins a trio, featuring baritone Nathan Morrins alongside tenorns Wanya Morris and also Shawn Stockman. In the 1990s, Boyz Ins men found fame ~ above Motvery own documents together a quartet, yet Original member and bass singer Michaetogether Mcwear lefns ns team in 2003 as a result of wellness issues.

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Ns quartet won 4 Grammy Awards, and also the trio wtogether nominated because that 2 Grammys in 2009. Even more »