HOUSTtop top -- Romelu Lukaku ended up being ns first-ever before pclass come smain point in a Manchester derby outside England together Manchester unified bein ~ rivals City 2-0 in ns international Champions Cup.

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yet ins was a dehowever come forobtain for City"ns new signinns Ederkid Moraes, who Pens Guardiola brought in because that £34.7m from Benfica to Placed an finish come ns goalkeeping problems that dogged his first seachild in charge.

the Brazilione was at fault because that Lukaku"ns 3fifth minute opener as soon as that ra the end the score come cut out Paul Pogba"s through ball, yet was beaten to ns ball by the united striker, that then expertly squeezed in a finish from a tighns angle.

and also 2 minutes later joined double their leADVERTISEMENT as soon as Marcus Rashford exmake City"s large open defending come latch ~ above come Henrikh Mkhitaryan"s well-timed pass and fire a low shot previous Ederson.

Paul Pogba, left, and Romelu Lukaku after ~ Manchester unified opened up ns scoring against Manchester City.Getty ImagesGuardiola hADVERTISEMENT started via an speculative side because that his first Game the ns preseason. Kyle walker made his dehowever complying with his £50m relocate from Tottenhto be while 17-year-old Phitogether Foden started in midfield and looked nein ~ and also created on his initially ever before illustration for the first team.

the Stockport-born midfielder connected uns neatly with Kevin de Bruyne and also midmeans through the initially fifty percent brought a good save native unified keeper Davidentifier de Gea, that likewise tipped a Sergio Aguero deflected shot end the bar.

Jose Mourinho, meanwhile, started with a strong lineup that looked something close to the team that will absent off ns seakid earlier in Europe in ns Suevery Cuns against actual Madri would top top Aug. 8.

however both political parties made a rafns of changes in ~ half-tins via salso new players comes ~ above because that City, including foracquired males Samir Nasri and also Eliaquns Mangala -- earlier after season-lengthy loans amethod from the society -- while unified made four substitutions the their own.

yet Rashford and Lukaku stayed ~ above ns pitch and also virtually extfinished United"ns leADVERTISEMENT at the begin of ns Second half. Ederson did well come reminder great Rashford"ns mishins overcome before Lukaku slammed a vicious, curling shot versus the write-up after john Stonens hADVERTISEMENT gifted him the ball ~ above the leaf that ns box.

Nasrns went close to pullinns a score earlier in ns 7second minute once Sergio Romero"s clumsy punch dropped come ns Frenchman, however his 30-yard lob looped over ns bar.

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Gabriel Jesus wasted another chance once he shot off-target from 10 yardns the end if Fernandinho"s late long-selection effort was tipped over the bar through Romero.