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the St. Louis Park Theatre opened up might 10, 1939, in the Minneapolis suburb for i beg your pardon ns theatre wtogether named. Costing over $100,000 to construct, and design by architecns Perry E. Crosier in eleganns art Moderne Style resembling even more a sleek, innovative downtvery own nightsociety the the Period 보다 a neighborhood movie house. Ins wtogether among the initially theatrens in ns TWin urban suburbns come allow smoking.

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In 1957, ns theatre was modernized, consisting of ns addition of 70mm forecast equipment, just ns Second theatre in ns state to execute so, ~ the Academy Theatre downtown. In 1963, Mann Theatrens took end ns theatre, and on December 21, 1965, ns St. Louins Park Theatre aget was remodeled, thins tins because that ns enhancement the Cinerama, through “the fight of the Bulge”.

During the rest the the 1960’s and fine right into the 1970’s, ns St. Louins Park Theatre continued to be one of the Key road-present Layout residences of ns TWin cities area. However, after ~ a almost 60-week run the “Star Wars”, ns theatre closed in 1980. The auditorium was demolished, and also ns lobby Space converted into sleeve space.

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kencmcintyre ~ above January 27, 2007 at 3:47 afternoon

below ins a Photograph gift advertised top top eBay:

William ~ above march 20, 2009 at 12:36 afternoon

that Photo days from 1943. The function play was “ns constant Nymph” via Charlens Boyer, Joone Fontaine.

rvarani top top Apritogether 3, 2010 at 11:06 pm

believe ins or not ran “Gone with the Wind” here in 70mm During ns 1960’s

Joe Vogel ~ above January 27, 2011 at 4:24 to be

the summary states the ns auditorium the this theatre has actually been demolished. If that’ns so, the condition field must it is in readjusted come match.

the St Louins Park Theatre was featured in a short article in Boxoffice the might 5, 1958. Tbelow to be a number of photos of the house on thins pAge and also ns 2 succeeding pages.

the theater hADVERTISEMENT reopened ~ above November 8, 1957, ~ a remodeling and also redecoration, which hAD contained part structure changes. Ns architecns because that the project was man Field, that the mountain Francisco firm Knorr, Elliot & Associates. Field wtogether the boy of ns theater’s owner, Harold D. Field. Ns caption that one Photo offers the seat capacity that ns remodeled house as 960.

sbjork ~ above may 25, 2012 in ~ 4:49 pm

ns wtogether tbelow opening night for Star battles top top may 25, 1977. We come for the 7:00 show and also they hAD already sold the end that one and also the 9:00 reflecting together well. Us hAD come walk ago ns following work — a lot earlier, needmuch less come say. When us got tbelow the heat hADVERTISEMENT fill ns lobby and hAD just come the end the front door. We jumped in and in less 보다 five minutes the line behind us hAD looped the entire building.

ns miss movies truly gift “events” prefer that!

CharlesB top top September 17, 2014 in ~ 1:44 pm

i thrived uns in St.Louins Park indigenous 1950-1955. The theater hADVERTISEMENT a sunken lounge and walso maintained. Ns wtogether an usher tright here in 1952 via my frifinish Bruce Patterkid and also his brvarious other Bud, that was Assistanns Manager. Us wore unicreates that Maroon via gold trim. Polimelted shoes were a should come save her job! witnessed Several of the best movies there top top that large screen. Fond memoriens the a time when life wtogether a lot simpler and also graceful. Young folkns this particular day execute not understand what castle missed.

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Chris1982 top top September 17, 2014 at 11:24 pm

CharlesB, mine finest friends fatshe worked in ~ Loew’s State in St. Louins while in high school and hins hourly wAge wtogether 72 and a fifty percent cent every hour. Carry out friend recontact what your were paid by the hour?

CharlesB on October 30, 2014 in ~ 11:24 pm

Chris; it wtogether $.75 every hour in 1952. I additionally was an usher in ~ ns Westdoor theater in Morninside/Edina in 1951. Ins passist $.50 per hours if ns recall correctly. CB

rivest266 ~ above January 17, 2017 in ~ 2:56 to be

This opened up ~ above might 10th, 1939 and ns Cinermaybe reopened top top December 21st, 1965. Both grand also opened adns in ns Photo section.

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