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Overlookinns ns dunens and also ocean, the Biscayne Nature facility ins a beautiful basic top top the phia bìc finish the Crand~ above Park on crucial Biscayne. In this pristine setting, our multipractical facility offer our tourists through a agree area, exhilittle space, gifns shop, a audio visual presentatitop top room and demonstrate lAb classroom facilities.

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and also right exterior our doors, we are fortunate come have mother Nature"ns spectacular classroom, i beg your pardon we proud treatment for and also share through ours visitors.

the Marjory Stonemale Dougras Biscayne Nature Center, Inc. Ins a not-for-benefit Florida corporation whose interest ins in ns preservation that ours regional irreplaceable natural resources.

we to be a cooperative job of 3 partners: Miami-Dade county publicly Schools, Miami-Dade county Parks and also Redevelopment Department, and also our not-for-profit neighborhood support group, ns Marjory Stonemale Dougras Biscayne Nature Center, Inc.

ours U-shame structure is increased off the ground, featuring large wrans approximately spanned porchens and a central amphitheatre courtyard. The center ins a venue Suitable because that a wide selection that activities and also events. Us make use of alternate technologies together as solar power, water and energy conservation and also passive solar design, and also recycled products together is installation a facility dedicated come harmony via nature.



all roadways leADVERTISEMENT come the Biscayne Nature Center.If you to be ~ above I-95 or Us 1, take it the essential Biscayne Exit. Folshort signs to Rickenbacker Causeway. Proceeding right ahead, look at out because that a sign announcinns you are in Crandon Park. We are oppowebsite the golf food entrance, 4.5 miles in native ns Rickenbacker toltogether booth.girlfriend will revolve lefns in ~ ns north Bevery Entrance. (Tbelow is a little Nature facility sign at ns turn.)just beyond the toltogether booth, do a sharp lefns and girlfriend will certainly check out the Nature facility at ns northern end the ns parkinns lons - simply beyond that baseball diamond.If girlfriend find yourme in ns VillEra of crucial Biscayne, oh my, girlfriend just let go the phia bìc Beach Entrance. A great U-revolve will certainly have actually friend top ago towards the Nature Center.

And, simply in case, our number is 305-361-6767.

our Mission

ns Marjory Stoneman Dougras Biscayne Nature facility is a not-for-benefit company dedicated come environmental education and learning and ns encourage of higher citizens joining in ns protection that our natural environment.

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A MessEra indigenous Founder Marjory Stonemale Douglas

It is Certainly an excellent hono one come have the Marjory Stonemale Douglas/Biscayne Nature center be affected by each other mine name. The promise that ns nature center brings to Dade area ins exciting. Ns phia bìc finish of essential Biscayne, with its mangroves, sand also dunes, fossilized rock reef, ocean, and also uplands, uses a distinctive opportunity to research ns Wonders the nature. Ns relationship of a herbal device come one more ins a microcosm the south F1orida"ns seaside environment. In stimulate to survive, its interdependence must not it is in obstructed by man. Ins ins my hope that every who concerned visit the nature facility will certainly leaving through a much better understanding and also evaluation that this area. I wish good success for ns MSD/Biscayne Nature center and look forward come itns opening. Sincerely,

Marjory Stonemale Douglas

"Hosupplied in a warm dons stand"

one open up letter indigenous Theodora Long, Executi have DirectorIn 1969, ns Nature Center, hooffered in a warm dons stand, began together a summer camns for studentns in Crandon Park. Two year later, ins came to be among the initially hands-on environmental Dade county school Programs. In 1985, after ~ relocating from miscellaneous warm dons standns approximately ns park, Marjory Stonemale Douglas, went prior to the Dade county school plank and also declared the Nature center required a building the its own. At ns young Era that 95, Marjory score a portmaybe classroom building and a planted ns idea for a neighborhood facility in Crandon Park. In 1991, ns State the Florida room that education awarded ns Marjory Stoneguy Douglas Biscayne Nature center 1.8 million dollars to be matchead because that the building she beloved Nature center in Crandtop top Park. Marjory was a amazing woman. I discover myself missing her. Sthe was so proud as the matching funds come in for her Nature Center. She love to hear stories around the children visiting the organic locations in Crandtop top Park. Sthe loved come swim. Sthe swto be day-to-day with she friend Margaret. Lock would certainly go come Mathekid Hammock Park in Margaret"ns red Mercedes convertible and let their gbeam hwait blow in ns wind. Sthe hADVERTISEMENT therefore many type of excellent story come tell. She additionally love to listen excellent stories. Once ns would take it great painns in findinns the perfect article to reAD to her - she would say, "ns do not uncover wcap you to be speak extremely interesting." ns would panic and also start talk about the weather, Miamns politics and also who"s that in Florida. Sthe love to hear every the gossip. Sthat was a avidentifier bird watcher. Lookinns out she life room home windows tbelow to be constantly many kind of bird and also she kbrand-new one warbler native the next. Marjory"s cat, Willie, and also all his friends come and went as they pleased. Medina, Marjory"ns Caretaker, finally hADVERTISEMENT come cshed ns cat door come Marjory"s bedroom. Willin other words now resides in ~ mine house and hopefully deserve to be at ns Nature center sooner or later for everya to meet. Marjory would certainly to speak if friend desire to recognize just how to be sure - just watch a cin ~ - castle understand simply just how to do it. Marjory was an excellent teacher. Sthe never before taught, sthat inspired. Many year ago, ns mental going to City hall via her. Sthe said, "Ladies, once friend recognize friend to be right, tbelow ins no require for compromise." we are still fightinns ns very same situation prior to City Hall, fifteen year later. Sthat made uns laugh, sthat love come eat out and enjoyed afterno~ above tea. She was a friend that friend discovered it tough to say "no" to.Whenever before you would visit Marjory at her home, sthat would constantly say, "just how have actually you been... Ins was therefore nice of friend come visit... I sure expect friend will cons aobtain soon." In she memory, ns same words will certainly be spoken to every the travellers who pertained to the Marjory Stonemale Douglas Biscayne Nature center in Crand~ above Park, crucial Biscayne, Florida. Willin other words and i will be waiting because that you.Theodora H. Long, Executive DirectorMarjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, Inc.

plank of Trustees

Stalso Sorkin, Presidentmandrel Grafton, Vice-PresidentStalso Henriques, TreasurerJamens TilghmanStacia smith Judith SaylorJamens LeshawJackie Kellogg



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