Because 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handdo rings and also well jewelry. Every exquiwebsite piece is design come it is in forever before captivating.

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when Bethany Layt~ above inquiry she mom and also father come pick she future husband, lock want come do certain lock found someone that reflect her heart'ns eextremely desire: kindness, faith, and a genuine heart. Bethany kind of works as a fifth-class teacshe in Charlotte, north Carolina, and has actually to be jaded by dating and her own parents’ fail marriage. Luckily for Bethany, she parents’ option ins a enhance made in heaven! according to Bethany, she parental fees haven’t i agreeed top top anypoint Since sthe wtogether a kid, but their poll for Bethany’s future husband was miraculoucunning unanimous. Clock she parents’ delightcompletely sweens and imaginative proposal— you'ltogether for sure autumn head-over-heel because that Bethany'ns dad's impressive proposal idea!

Bethany kind of will certainly it is in wear a band indigenous ours Charlotte Collection, the perfect alternative because that a timelescracked distinct bride through an expressive personality. It’s no surpincrease the she groom made a decision a band also indigenous our top gentlemen’ns collection, Artin— follow to Bethany’ns mother, he’s a gentlemale beyond compare.

the parents may have liked Bethany'ns secret man, yet the couple chose your forever before captivatinns weddinns bands via assist from ns specialists at Diamonds straight south Park. Diamondns straight southern Park is a trusted sleeve partner with experience corresponding brides- and also grooms-to-it is in with ns Kirk Kara engagement ring that your dreams!

start shopping for your today, and if you're in ns Charlotte area, speak in and also try top top a breathtaking, handmake Kirk Kara design. In the meantime, thins week, Bethany and also Billy exreadjust bands in what assures come it is in one exciting, emotional illustration as Bethany kind of and Billy fulfill because that ns initially time in ~ the altar.