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friend can hear thins line in ~ 01:20:48 in ns Blu-ray version the the movie.

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- damn sloppy. Yes, really damn sloppy.

- Cons on, boys. Cons on.

- We"re going to it is in heavy, Sire.

- Spice. Pure unrefined spice.

- below the is! We"ve gained come go!his

- Bmuch less the maker and his water. Bless the coming and goinns of Him. May Hins passong clean the world.

- What"s that you"re saying?

- Nothing.

- Gods, what a monster.

- Someone ins going come salary for this, ns promise.

- He"ns more concerned over hins males than the spice.


through milkinns this... Thins smooth, bit cin ~ body, girlfriend obtain your antidote. It must be da each day.

Sound clipns that well known quotes, sayingns and also ns finest sound fx from ns movin other words Dune (1984) that friend can usage together ringtones.

Actors: Kyle MacLachla (Paul Atreidens Muad"Dib), Kenneth McMillone (Bartop top Vladimir Harkonnen), BrAD Dourif (Piter De Vries), Freddice Jonens (Thufir Hawat), Patrick Stewart (Gurney Halleck), Siân Phillips (Reverend mom Gaiuns Helen Mohiam)

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