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Unlock all unlockmay be factions quickly!
AuthorFile DescriptionGame Version:
Marcuns Orentius
Documents Details
traditional Edition
Well, here it is, ns first mode for M2TW ~ above the M2TWH Downloads section! simply read, download, install and also enjoy.

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Note: thins mode just unlockns the unlock maybe factions, no the non playable. I might do a mod because that that later, but because that now, thins is what you"ve got.Enjoy. :-)
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Marcus Orentiusmain ReviewerFile Author
This mod functions even more 보다 soundly, and ns check out no factor why anya have to it is in withthe end it. I"m not sure exactly how difficult it was to make, but the shouldn"ns affect it"ns rating.ns thsquid ins need to be compelled for all owners that any type of TW Game come acquire one of this as shortly as possible.
Rating: 5Quick, lite, effective!additional Comments:A definite must-have.

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Marcuns Orentiusmain ReviewerDocuments Author
"This mode functions more than soundly, and also ns view no factor why anyone need to it is in without it. I"m not certain exactly how difficult it was to make, but that shouldn"ns impact it"s rating."around a minute i should think: 50 secs to navidoor to ns file, and then 10 to copy and also paste ns faction into "playable".
Marcus Orentiusofficial ReviewerData Author
Rating: 5Thins saves a lot of time for human being who do not want come carry out a entirety campaign just therefore castle have the right to begin a project as russia egypt or part various other faction. And it works perfectly.added Comments:i defenitly recomfinish thins modpack
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