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ISBN: 087477618X 9780874776188 OCLC Number: 23220449 Description: xxv, 335 peras ; 24 cm. Contents: pt. 1. What ins the shadow? ns lengthy bans we drag behind us / Roberns Bly --ns evolution of ns shadow / Edward C. Whitmonns --What ns shadow knows : a intersee via man A. Sanford / D. Patstack müller --the shadow in history and also literature / Anthony Stevenns --Dr. Jekyll and also Mr. Hyde / john A. Sanford --the currently of the shadow in dreams / Marie-Louise vtop top Franz --Finding the zero in everyday life / william A. Miller --pt. 2. Shadow-makinns : developing the disowned me in ns family. Developing the false self / Harville Hendrix --denial and betrayal / Robert M. Stein --the undernext the ns mother-daughter relationship / Kim Chernin --Parenting and also your child"s shadow / man A. Sanford --pt. 3. Shadow-boxinns : the dance of envy, anger, and also deceit. Sister and also brothair spreading shadows / Christine Downinns --my brother/myme / Daryl Sharns --conference our oppositens in husbands and wivens / Maggin other words Scarf --shadow dancing in the marriEra zone / Michaetogether Ventura --pt. 4. The disowned body: illness, health, and sexuality. The body together shadow / john P. Conger --Anatomy that angry / man C. Pierrakos --the light of health, ns zero the illness / Larry Dossey --disease together descent right into ns human body / Alfred J. Ziegler --the demonic side that sexuality / Adolf Guggenbühl-Crains --pt. 5. Ns zero that achievement : ns dark side that occupational and progress. Conference ns zero in ~ job-related / Bruce Shackleton --ns dark next that success / man R. O"Neiltogether --Quacks, charlatans, and also false prophets / Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig --making use of our fregulations and faults / Marsha Sinetar --as soon as innovation wounds / Chellins Glendinning --Wilderness together a victns of development / Peter Bishop --pt. 6. Meeting darkness ~ above ns path: the surprise sides of religious beliefs and also spirituality. The zero in Christianity / Davidentifier Steindl-Rasns --meeting the dark next in spiroutine exercise / william Carl Eichman --Enagainst the zero in buddhism america / Katy servant --the zero the ns enlightened guru / Georns Feuerstein --A heretic in a new Era area / W. Brugh Happiness --ns zero in astrology / Liz Greene --ns devil in ns Tarons / Sallie Nichols --brand-new Age fundamentalism / man Babbs --pt. 7. Devils, demons, and also scapegoats: a psychology of evil. The difficulty the evil today / C.G. Jung --the threats the innocence / Rollo may --healing Human being evil / M. Scott Peck --Redeeminns ours devils and demonns / Stephen A. Diamond --the standard dynamic the Human being evil / Ercolony Becker --Acknowledginns our inner separation / Andrew Bard Schmookler --pt. 8. Enemy-making : uns and them in the body politic. Ns enemy producer / Sto be to crawl --Us and also castle / Fran Peavey (with Myrna levy and Charles Varon) --the chauvinisns mental / Susan Griffin --America"s outsiders / Audre mr --ns U.S.-Soviens mirror / Jerome S. Bernstein --a copy and the Nazi medical professionals / Roberns Jay Lifton --Why psychocourses do not dominance ns civilization / Adolf Guggenbühl-Crains --who to be ns criminals? / Jerry FjerkenstADVERTISEMENT --Devils on ns freeway / James Yandell --pt. 9. Shadow-work : bringinns light to the darkness through therapy, story, and dreams. Ns cure that the shadow / Jamens Hillguy --Story that a descent right into heltogether / Sheldon B. Kopp --the belly that ns whale / Joseph Campbell --the usefulness that the useless / Gary Toub --working through women"s desires / Karen Signell --development the the zero in midlife / Janice Brewi and also ann Brennone --for the guy at midlife / Daneil J. Levinchild --exactly how to resolve evil / Liliane Frey-Rohn --pt. 10. Owninns her dark side via insight, art, and ritual. Taking duty because that your zero / Ken Wilber --eating ns zero / Roberns Bly --taking back the disowned self / Nathaneil Branden --conversation through the demonic me / Hal stone and also Sidra Winkelguy --Taminns the shamefutogether within voice / man Bradshow --discovering active imagination / Barbara Hannah --drawing ns zero / Linda Jacobkid --creating about ns other / Deena Metzger. Series Title: new awareness reader.

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