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Producns Description

the Mega man Mega Buster pistol Replica ins a actual occupational of art. Revolve it top top and you'ltogether hear a strength uns sound and watch the strength meter fill up. Revery in, grAb the handle, and also you're ready because that action. Quickly traction the create and you'll listen a single fire sound and ns finish will certainly flash. Hold in the trigger, though, and you'll clock the strength meter to fill and ns sound increase till friend relax the trigger, firing a charged shot! as soon as girlfriend are finiburned vanquishing angry robotns because that ns day, switch the Mega Buster turn off and also enDelight ns strength down lamp and also sounds. Through a Mega man Mega Buster gun Replica on your arm, you'ltogether always it is in all set to rock and/or Roll

Producns Features

Approx. 8 inches diameter (at widest) x 14.2 inches lengthy - arm hole ins approx. 4.8 inchens diametEra full-size replica the Mega Man's Mega Buster Gun2 trigger-activated, irradiate and also sound effects: singles swarm or fee shotpower uns and also dvery own light/sound effectsFits ideal or lefns hand (ambi-blaster-ous)Officially-a license is granted Capcom productRequires3 x AA Batteries(no included)
general safety and security Warning: commodities marketed through BBTns may be intended for Adulns Collectors. Commodities might contain sharp points, tiny parts, chokinns hazards, and other elements no Suitable because that kids under 16 year old.



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