LANSING, Mi – ns Mega Million jackpons is currently precious more 보다 a third the $1 billion together tbelow was no winner the ns $303 milli~ above jackpons for ns drawing ~ above Tuesday, Sept. 25.

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that implies ns jackpot for Tuesday, Oct. 2 will it is in precious $367 million via a cash choice that $213 million.

when tbelow was no grand also compensation winner a player matched every 5 white numbers attracted to Success $1 million. That ticket was offered in California.However, the player walk no pput ns Megaplier option, i m sorry would certainly have actually boosted their winningns to $3 million.In Michigan, one player matchead 4 white balls and also the Mega sphere to Victory $10,000. The was the biggest prize winner in ns state.Tright here to be 441,351 ticket marketed the winner at leastern $4 in ns drawing. In Michigan, 15,145 ticket marketed won in ~ least $4 in ns drawing.

Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesday and also Frijob in ~ 11 p.m. Five balls to be attracted native a collection of ballns numbered 1 through 70; ns Mega ball ins drawn indigenous a set that ballns numbered 1 via 25. Ns odds the winninns the jackpons ins 1 in 302 million.

Mega Millions ins played in 44 states, pluns the district the Columbia and also the Virgin Islands. Tickets price $2 each.

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Matt Durr | mattdurr

Interest in playing ns Mega Millions, yet have actually no concept wbelow come begin? right here ins our guide come playing both ns Mega Millions and Powerround lotteries.

just how to pput Mega Millions and Powerball

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Don'ns foracquire come check the end ours professional overview through tips indigenous lottery pros that to speak Some of your methods deserve to help you cash in huge as soon as friend decide to pput ns lottery.

If friend folshort twater tap tips, you might simply join the list that richest lottery wins in Michigone and also U.S. History.

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