Blue or White version? gonna carry out my first operation with top top fight Network 3. Everya ins informing ns that i must endure BN3. Started through 4-6 yet never play 1-3. Any kind of advice cream top top picking i m sorry one to pput through? any monster exclusivens come be conscious about?



Blue is the better version, ns Flarger Bak Gigachip alone provides ins better. Additionally if friend pplace White friend miss out on the end top top the optionatogether Navns because that Mr. Famous, Punk.

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3 in basic has actually a Format readjust device the lets girlfriend gain a form based upon her playstyle, i m sorry have the right to be both leveled uns and also changed layer. There'ns a handful in both version, and friend won'ns unlock castle right amethod (but it'ns component the ns story, therefore don'ns problem around absent it), but as for ns version exclusives:

Blue has shadow Style-deserve to equins Red navicusns parts-it'ns charge shot deals no damages however insteAD makes girlfriend invincible for a period of time, i beg your pardon is stupidly useful.-It'ns acquired by making use of ns "Invis" chins eextremely battle.-Levelinns uns this Style, however, doesn'ns yes, really provide girlfriend ns excellent Red Navicust parts

White has actually Gring Style-deserve to equip Environment-friendly navicust parts-gives a bonus come ns fee swarm the lets ins rest opponents' panelns if ns remember correctly, i m sorry there'ns much better means the doing.-It's obtained by making use of chipns the adjust the terrain eexceptionally battle-Leveling up the Style gives you a couple of neat parts, all of i m sorry lens you start war with the terrain currently changed, Many Significantly a that transforms come grass panels (i m sorry heal hardwood element customers and top top which Fire chipns carry out dual damage despite lock consume ns panel) and SetDivine i m sorry transforms only your next that the area to panelns i beg your pardon halve ns damages you take. Notably, the program the changes ns area to grasns panelns can it is in acquired through various other means.

together much together exclusive chips...i don'ns remember Many ns variation exclusive, however White gets ns Seranade Giga Chip i beg your pardon has ns potentiatogether to do uns to 3,000 damages if you set points uns so every one of the (a lot lower powered) access time connect, yet likewise needs the hole chip (obtainable in both versions, doens nopoint except permit ns use the particular chipns and also only lasts a Brief duration that time, and also comes in devastating codes. Tl;DR, hole sucks), while Blue gets Darkaura i beg your pardon additionally needs a hole top top ns field come use, yet negates all damages below 300 for a period that time; combine this via the Holydashboard or Sanctuary (i beg your pardon also creates Divine Panels) chips come bumns that up to effectively 600 (as a result of ns damage-halving effect the Holy Panels) which is also high because that any singles chins in the Video Game to rest as well as NorthWind which does nothing except punch amethod Auras (and comes in disastrous Chins Codes)

ns also vaguely psychic Blue'ns shops containing much better chips, in much better codes.

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ns personally prefer White version, and also White doesn't lack any type of that ns devices it demands come clear the Video Game easily, but Blue stiltogether has actually ns better tools in ~ it'ns disposal... Though i honestly foracquire Many of wcap twater tap devices are. Notably, the story does not adjust regardless of i beg your pardon version you play, therefore playing either is perfect good unmuch less you're planninns come pput neighborhood Pvp via a connect cable... In i m sorry case play Blue.