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publication day 2012 Topics graphic design (Typography) -- History, Publication architecture -- History, Publication design, graphic architecture (Typography), Grafik, Gebrauchsgrafik, Grafisk formgivninns -- historia, Typografi Publisshe Hoboken, N.J. : man Wiley & Sonns collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetstartupcuba.orgpublications Digitizinns sponsor Kahle/Austin structure Contributor Web Archi have LanguAge English
xi, 603 pperiods : 29 cm"In addition come Classic topicns together as the creation that writing and also alphabets, ns origins that printing and also typography, and postmodern-day design, the brand-new Fifth version gift brand-new indevelopment on current trends and innovations scan the graphic style landscape, together as the web, multimedia, interenergetic design, and also private presses, hence adding new layers that depth come one currently affluent resource."--Jacketamendment execution of: a history of graphic design. C1998consists of bibliographicatogether recommendations (peras 574-581) and indexpt. I. Ns prologue come graphics architecture : the invention the creating ; 2. Alphabetns ; 3. Ns Eastern contribution ; 4. Illuminated manuscripts -- pt. II. A graphics renaissance : Printing comes to Europe ; the Gerguy portrayed Publication ; Renaissance graphics style ; an epoch that typographic geniuns -- pt. III. Ns bridge come the twenty century : graphic design and ns commercial Rdevelopment ; the Artns and Crafts motion and also its heritAge ; arts Nouveau ; ns genesis the twenty century style -- pt. IV. The modernisns Period : the influence that modern-day arts ; 14. Pictorial modernism ; 15. A brand-new languPeriod the create ; 16. Ns Bauhauns and ns new typography ; the contemporary movement in united states of america -- pt. V. The Age of information : the global typographics Style ; ns brand-new York college ; Corporate identity and intuitive Solution ; the conceptuatogether imPeriod ; Postcontemporary architecture ; national vision within an international conversation ; the digitatogether radvancement and beyond -- Epilogue
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