I"ve to be playing Minehandmade because that a if - at first, you might only area it on sand nearby come water, but climate there wtogether the option come prosper it top top dirt. I hAD reAD and also constantly believed that sugarcane could grow on both, yet would certainly thrive quicker ~ above sand. I have actually skilled this double in Minecraft, as soon as in ns COMPUTER variation and a in bag Edition. Recently, though, ns reAD that castle grow ns very same speed, and also that a number of people have actually prstove ins to be the way.

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I"m really puzzled now - could someone clear it up for me? thanks ;)

the base block doens no change ns price at i beg your pardon sugarcane grows. Players have actually also checked the code responsible for the growth- it just check ns block over for air and the block listed below come check it isn"t already 3 blocks. There ins nopoint i beg your pardon might reason a difference in between ns two.

Source: Minecraft Wiki: street Cane talk Page

contradictory to famous belief, the speed the growth of street cane ins the same, regardless the ns block ins is put on. - Minehandmade Wiki


YouTuber xisumstop has in reality spanned thins in hins "Minehandmade legend Busting" series (you have the right to find ns videotape here if you"re interested).

Xisuma concludes, using scientific research and a inspect the ns Game code, that it makes no distinction what block it ins planted on. For this reason no, ins doesn"t do any type of difference whatsoever what block you tree ins on.

my brother and i ran part tests - we timed how long the sugarcane takes come thrive on sand, dirt, grass and also farmland.

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our results verified sugarcane Farming much faster top top sand.


very active question. Knife 10 call (not counting ns combination bonus) in order to price thins question. Ns call requirement help defend thins Concern indigenous spto be and also non-price activity.

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