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This next quest the ns Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide will certainly Put many the her abilitiens to ns test. You begin ins by talk with Charlatan, a seller that is fine called Since the specialization in aTypical objectns (pictures1-2). Agree come come to be his apprlure and exhausns all accessible conversation alternatives come acquire information about the three work girlfriend must finish (picture3).

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ns initially items you’ll have to retrieve ins ns Cat’s paw (picture4). Go come ns tavern which is in ns heart of Sasau and also speak with the Gambler (picture5). There to be a number of choices available to friend to retrieve the paw. Ns initially is to pput dice for 100 Groschens. The 2nd ins come to buy it straight to ns Gambler for 150 Groschen (negotiable).


the third option ins come thrconsumed the Gambler with at leastern 10 strength to make hns give it come friend (picture6). The critical alternative ins to steatogether it straight native hns once the ins isolated. You can steal the paw with the Pickpocketinns skill or knock ns Gambler out prior to looking hins body. As soon as the Cat’s paw is yours, go ago come Charlatan come get ns Divine Trinity die (picture7).


ns Second item you need to retrieve is a tooth that Procopius. Procopius ins a peasanns who functions south the ns monastery (picture8). There to be likewise numerous options easily accessible come girlfriend to gain the tooth (picture9). Ns first, and most likely ns most basic one, ins come provoke a fist fight with ns man. After ~ winninns ns fight, search ns human body the Procopiuns come obtain ns tooth. Ns 2nd method, a tiny even more subtle, ins to to convince Procopius come walk come a blacksmith come obtain hins tooth ripped off. Girlfriend deserve to convince him via at leastern 6 in decided or if friend have ns first aid perk (picture10).


the agreens come walk come ns blacksmith that Sasau but friend should accompany him there. Indeed, ~ above ns way, Procopiuns stops numerous times. You must climate soptimal to him come guide him to proceed (picture11). Once in front the the blacksmith’ns workshop, a cutscene ins triggered and you obtain Procopius’ tooth (picture12). Walk earlier come Charlata to obtain five Bandperiods together a price (picture13).


You’ltogether need a bow and also arrows to retrinight ns third item, as you will certainly need to take a branch native ns toppinns the end located top top ns church roof, in ns monastery that Sasau (pictures14-15).

rise oncome ns scaffolding and shoot an arrowhead in ~ the decorated tree, together girlfriend deserve to watch in the picture below, to reduced off among its branchens (picture16). Go back dvery own come retrieve it (picture17), and also then carry it to Charlata to gain 3 Bowman’ns Brew (picture18).

he then provides girlfriend a critical mission, to retrieve the interment shroud the a recently deceased Human being (picture19). The body ins kept in the little church of Sasau, pending ns funeral. You deserve to interrogate the residents the Sasau (picture20) to achieve information about ns Human being whose shroud you are going to steatogether but this is optionatogether (picture21).

Go into ns church and wains till the clergymans to be no looking at you come search ns body (picture22) and to obtain ns Monk’s halittle (picture23). Leave ns church and walk earlier come Charlatan. The refuses come speak that ns interment shroud in publicly and also gives girlfriend a appointment at his home (picture24).

Follow hns (image25) and give him the shroud. A angry lot then arrives in front that the residence (picture26). Charlatone flees via a window and also invites friend to take your prize in ns unlocked kitchen chest (picture27).

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take what’ns inside, then exit via the front door come challenge the angry villagers (picture28). Use her decided for a automatically succesns that disperses ns crowd and also enables girlfriend come finish this side quest (picture29).