the Elder dragons to be 3 distinct yet familiar monsters in Monster Hunter World. In bespeak come help girlfriend situate every 3, I’m goinns come carry out friend through a monster hunter people elder drag~ above proof / monitor guide. Thins guide will aid friend discover the elder dragon monitor and also proof in every 3 elder dragon areas, finish with a mans and also information top top where to uncover them.

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This ins a video clip guide on how to monitor 3 different tracks of Elder Dragtop top proof in MHW.



Monster Hunter people is a Game the has part flaws once it comes to it’s tracking of Elder Dragon evidence or Tracks. This overview will certainly assist you uncover all of ns tracks and proof because that ns Elder Dragtop top tracks.

as friend walk via the environment and also complete ns many narrative objectives, girlfriend will Eventually come top top a pursuit the requires girlfriend come situate Elder Drag~ above traces / proof.

these Elder Dragon tracks / evidence will it is in designated as??? and will it is in blue top top the ground when you find them, and also they will contribute to the overall variety of tracks friend must find.

you"re welcome Note though the ns locations deserve to in reality be fairly random. However, the monitor perform Indeed generate in ns locations uncovered in the overview below. What actually happen ins the if the monitor are no wbelow castle have to it is in because that friend climate opportunities to be they are no going come be in the location at all. For this reason come deal with thins girlfriend will need to leave ns area completely, then rerotate till castle execute generate where castle have to be. Keep doinns thins till you have actually enough come progress ns story. 



because that those that friend who completed the Main story pursuit line and are looking come discover the various locations and also quests that Monster Hunter World, this guide will cover ns areas of all ns Elder Dragon’ns tracks in the form of 3D models.. ReADVERTISEMENT more about investigate ns three elder dragtop top tracks and lens uns recognize what you think.

generally asked Questions

Wright here to be the Elder Drag~ above tracks?

the Elder Dragon tracks to be no At this time available.

Wcap are ns 3 elder dragons in Monster Hunter world?

the 3 elder dragon in Monster Hunter people are Elder Dragon, Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros, and also Elder Drag~ above Nergigante.

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i beg your pardon Elder Dragtop top ins easiest?

ns Elder Dragon the ins most basic to loss is ns a girlfriend to be Most familiar with.