L>Monty Python"s flying Circus: simply ns Wordns - illustration 23illustration Twenty-threeFrench subtitle filmScott that the AntarcticScotns of the SaharaFish LicenceDerby Council v. All Blackns rugthrough matchlengthy john silver- Impersonatorns v. Bournemouth GynaecologistColours code: john Cleese - Michaetogether Palin - Eric Idle - Grahto be Chapmale - terry Jones - terry Gillito be - Carol ClevelandExterior big rubbish dump. Hand-organized video camera tracks to girtogether in basic white dress with red hair fourteenager foot long, who is sitting ~ above a chair holdinns a cabbEra in her hands. After ~ a tins Stig, in white jeans, shirns and scarf enterns shot and also standns around uneasily.StigBonjour.SUBTITLE: "good MORNING"GirlBonjour.SUBTITLE: "good MORNING" Pause. Stig looks uneasy, glancinns at camera.StigIns fair beau ce matin.SUBTITLE: "IT"ns A Nice DAY"GirlOui, oui.SUBTITLE: "YES, YES"StigD"accord...SUBTITLE: "listen HEAR"StigVenez-vouns ici souvent?SUBTITLE: "perform friend COns below OFTEN?"GirlOui.SUBTITLE: "YES"StigAh. Bon. Bon.SUBTITLE: "GOOD, GOOD" Pause.StigJe vois que vouns avez un chou.SUBTITLE: "ns view that friend have A CABBAGE"GirlOui.SUBTITLE: "YES" Stig starts come laugh falsely, and also then the girtogether joins in. Ins is a misermaybe effort to Record Pleasure and togetherness. The girtogether stops laughing before Stig does.StigCertainement il fair beau ce matin.SUBTITLE: "It definitely Ins A beloved work all RIGHT" Stig wanderns the end the swarm however is very obvioucunning pumelted ago into the picture.StigJe suins revolutionnaire.SUBTITLE: "i am A REVOLUTIONARY"GirlOh.StigQu"est-ce que vous avez dit?SUBTITLE: "What go girlfriend SAY?"GirlJ"ai dins "oh".SUBTITLE: "ns Sassist "OH""StigAh. Trèns interessant.SUBTITLE: "AH. Exceptionally INTERESTING" cut come pindicate youth in studio.PhilBrian Distel and also Brianette Zatapathique tbelow in an improvised scene from Jean Kenneth Longueur"s brand-new movie "Le FromPeriod Grand". Brione and also Brianette represent ns breakdvery own in interaction in ours modern culture in this exciting new movie and Longueur ins saying to us, hins audience, "walk on, protest, do somepoint around it, assault ns manager, demand your money back". Afterwards in ns film, in a brilliantly conceived montage, Longueur mercilescracked exposes ns violence basic ours culture as soon as Brione and Brianerte aget fulfill top top however another rubbish dump.various part of very same dump, however no exceptionally different. Girl ins still on chwaiting yet thins time with a heADVERTISEMENT that lettuce. Climate Stins enters shot.StigBonjour encore.SUBTITLE: "HELLO AGAIN"GirlBonjour.SUBTITLE: "great MORNING"StigJe vois que aujourd"jui vouns avez une co-laitue.SUBTITLE: "i check out YOU"VE gained A WEBB"s WONDER TODAY"GirlOui.StigBon.SUBTITLE: "GOOD" Intercut Fast shot native battle film: machine-gunner in plane.StigIl fair beau encore.SUBTITLE: "IT"s A lovely day AGAIN" Shot the Paris riotns and also clubbing.GirlOui.SUBTITLE: "YES"StigBon.SUBTITLE: "GOOD" Shot of Michael gift struck ~ above heADVERTISEMENT with a club by John.StigVouns pouvez dire ça encore.SUBTITLE: "It absolutely Ins A beloved day all RIGHT" Swarm the collapsong building, climate a guy in ~ a piano (Graham); the lid slamns top top hins hands.StigCertainemenns itogether fair beau ce matin.SUBTITLE: "It definitely Ins A beloved job all RIGHT" Shot the aeroplanes bombing. Swarm that chief receivinns arrowhead in chest. Swarm of girl kickinns tevery guy top top shin. Swarm of rockets gift fired indigenous plane.GirlOui.SUBTITLE: "YES" Swarm the hydrogen bomb.StigItogether fait beau bier. Ha ha ha.SUBTITLE: "It Wtogether lover YESTERDAY. HA HA HA" Swarm that ack ack gun. Swarm the male receiving a punch in ns heAD native a boxing glove. Shot the nun kickinns a policeguy in ns crutch.GirlHa ha.SUBTITLE: "HA HA. HA HA. HA HA." Shot the Spitfire. Swarm the Oriental soldier; climate man being beheaded.StigQuetogether surprise de vouns voir encore.SUBTITLE: "Wcap A SURPclimb to watch girlfriend AGAIN" Swarm that Parins riots. Shot that male having his foons stamped on. Shot that blazinns building. Shot of guy being poked in the eye through a umbrella. Shot that battleship firinns broadside. Swarm of guy in undertrousers having actually a buckens the water thrvery own end him. Shot of football violence. Swarm of male bring knifed by a Greek Orthodox priest.GirlJe t"aime.SUBTITLE: "ns LOVE YOU"StigJe t"aime.SUBTITLE: "ns LOVE YOU" they smile at each various other happy for a moment. Climate they hear somepoint ticking. They hear very closely because that a moment and then both begin come look feartotally at the cons lettuce. After a moment that terror ns cos lettuce explodes, in slow motion, blfan castle apart. As tatterns and also piece that cos lettuce floin ~ with ns waiting in slow-moving motion, ns cam pans dvery own come part autumn leaves. Frozen frame.SUPERimposed CAPTION: "FIN"reduced back come Phil.Philquite strong mein ~ tright here from Longueur who ins saying, the course, the Ultimately materialism, in thins situation the Webb"ns Wonder lettuce, should ruin uns all. That wtogether for O. Simon, K. Simon, P. Simtop top and also R. Sparrowhead of Leicester. Later on on, we"re goinns come take it a look at in ~ john Wayne"ns latest movie, "Buckets the Blood pouring the end of People"s Heads" however now we look ahead. ~ above Tuesjob kris Conger took a BBC movie unit to ns location where 20th Century Vole to be shooting their latest epic "Scott of the Antarctic".kris Conger standinns via earlier to pier and also a couple of holidaydevices behind him.CongerSea, sand and sunbright do Paignt~ above ns queen the ns English Riviera. Yet for the following six months this sleepy Devonsrental rekind will it is in transcreated right into the blizzard-brushed up wastens that ns south Pole. For today shooting starts ~ above ns epos "Scotns of the Antarctic", produced by Gerry Schlick. (walks over come Schlick)Schlick(American) Hello.CongerGerry, friend determined Paignt~ above together the area because that Scott.SchlickRight, right.CongerIsn"t ins a little that a drawback the there"ns no scurrently here?SchlickWell, us have actually 28,000 cubic feet the Wintrex, i beg your pardon ins a brand-new white foto be rubber i beg your pardon in reality on display lookns more like scurrently than snow...reduced to shot of world nailing and sticking white foam rubber end things. Ins lookns terrible. Others to be paint ns sand with white paint.Schlick... And 1,600 cubic Us furlongs of white paint, via a unique snow finish.Congerand ns believe Kirk Vilb is play the location role.Schlickthat is correct. We were incredibly thrilled and also honoured once Kirk agreed come pplace the part that Lieutenanns Scotns (reduced come Kirk Vilb who is wear hair open up in ~ ns chest; that is having a chest wins stuck on and also icinns street squeezed top top to his sleep and also eyebrows) Because a star of his magnitude deserve to choose and choose, but the reADVERTISEMENT the location and also just flipped. (cut back to Gerry Schlick and chris Conger) and directinns we have an extremely well younns brother director, Jamens McRettin, who"s to be collaborating top top ns screenplay, of food Jimmy...McRettin rushe is into foreground. That ins in no method choose J. McGrath.McRettinOh, tright here friend are. Hello. Hello. No problem. Have a drink. Have a drink. Great. Hello. Marvellous. Marvellous. Hello. Rewrite. Oh this ins yes, really great. I mean, it"ns really speak something, don"t you think?Congerhave friend started shootinns yet?McRettinYes, yes. Great. Perfect. No, no, us haven"t began yet. No. But great - great.CongerWcap ins the initially scene the you shoot this morning?McRettinGreat. Terrific. Five it"ns great. No problem. We"ltogether type it the end ~ above ns floor. Kind it the end top top the floor. No problem. Thins movie ins usually pro-humankind and also anti-bADVERTISEMENT points and it ripns anext the hypocrucial facade that our society"ns gin and also tonic and pipeline many spiritual cowns rollinns approximately in agony, have actually a drink, have actually a drink.Congeryet i beg your pardon scene are we shootinns first, Jimmy?McRettinYes, great. Oh, marvellous. (callns out) i beg your pardon step are us shooting first? What? (to Conger) It"ns step one. Step one. It"s in the Middle of the movie. Well, it ins now. Ns recreated it. (calls.) i believed we cut that? Didn"t we cut that?SchlickNo, we didn"t.McRettinwe didn"t. Five great. That"s also better. I"ltogether Put it back in. Rewrite. (calling) step one"ns earlier in everyone. Step one"s back in. Great. Great. (to Conger) Thins is the scene - exterior the time - it"ns every bloody marvelous. It makes you desire come throw up.cut come Schlick and also Conger ~ above the beach.Schlicknow in this scene Lieutenanns Scott retransforms come camp in the beforehand morning ~ walking the huskies to have actually brunch through ns remainder that hins team. (cut to shot the time via Bowers, who ins black, and also Oates, sit outside) Oates, played by your exceptionally very own beloved Terence Lemming, who ins a English cockney officer seconded to ns Us Navy, and Bowerns play through Seymour Fortescue, ns Olympic pole vaulter.Film: Scott come as much as them. That has two huge boxes strapped to his feet to make him watch tall.OatesHi, Lieutenant.ScottHi, Oatesy. Sure ins a beautifutogether day already.McRettin(rushinns in) Great, great.ScottWhat? What to be friend saying?McRettini wtogether simply speak great, great. Cue Evans.Sexy girl via long blonely hwait comes into shot through Short psquid hair coat. Sthe walkns as much as Scott that towers 4 feet above her together she is walkinns in a trench.Schlickand also this ins Vanilla Hoto be together miss Evans.Congermiss out on Evans?SchlickRight.miss Evanns is now beneath Scotns in ~ knee height.Scottgreat morning, miss out on Evans.EvansOh, I"ve forgotten my line.McRettinWhat"ns she line? What"s she line?Girl runs in via script.GirlIt"s "good morning, Captain Scott".EvansOh, yeah. "good morning, Captain Sc"..; oh, I"m simply no yes, really very happy with the line. Can i simply speak "hi Scottie"?McRettinGreat. Great. Rewrite. Cue.Evanshello Scarrie! Oh, sorry. Hi Stocky! oh - I"m sorry again. Oh, Jim. I"m just dissatisfied through thins line. Hey, have the right to i execute it every type that kooky, choose this? (goes beserk waving hands) hi Scottie!McRettinGreat! We"ll shoot it.Scottto be girlfriend certain that"s right?McRettinOh, it"s great.Gerry Schlick walks into the shot.SchlickJim.McRettinJim! Jim! Oh, me!SchlickJim, i feeling us might it is in to run into some difficulties below in the location the height.McRettinGreat! Wright here are they?SchlickWbelow to be who?McRettini don"t know. Ns was acquiring confused.SchlickJim, i feeling here, the Scotns might be too tall in the area that elevation through referral come Vanilla who is also near ns ground in the area of gift also Brief at this time.McRettinexcellent ... Oh, ns know. I"m going to destruction a pins for Scotns and Put a crate in Vanilla"ns trench.ScottSay, why do not i take it ns boxes off and Vanilla obtain uns out of the trench?McRettinIns wouldn"t work... It"s also better! Great. Rewrite!EvansWhat wtogether that?McRettinOh, it"s easy. I"ve worked it out. Scotns takes his boxens off and also you don"t stand also in ns trench.Evansi to speak mine lines out the ns trench?McRettinalso better. Great.Evanshowever I"ve never action out of a trench. Ns could autumn over. It"s dangerous.McRettinoh well, could friend just attempt it?EvansLook, girlfriend crumb bum, I"m a star. Star, star, star. I don"t get a millitop top dollars to acns out of a trench. Ns played miss Sns john the Baptisns in a trench, (sthat walkns along in the trench and us check out the sthat has 2 boxens strapped to her feet) and ns play miss out on Napoleon Bonaparte in a trench, and also i played miss Alexander Fleminns in a furrow therefore if friend desire thins scene played the end of a trench, fine girlfriend simply gain yourme a goddamn stuntman. (walkns off) ns play miss out on Galileo in a groove and also i played Mrs Jesuns Chrisns in a geological syncline, so don"t...McRettinGreat. Good everyone. Lunch now. Lunch. It"ns every in ns can. Great morning"s work.Schlickhowever girlfriend haven"t da a shot.McRettinjust keeping morale up. (tries to take a drsquid from hins view finder)the same afternoon.Schlicknow thins afterno~ above we"re going to shoons ns step where Scotns gets off the watercraft ~ above come ns ice cream floe and he seens the litop top and he fightns it and death it and also ns blood goes pssssssssshhh in slow motion.Congerhowever there aren"ns any kind of lion in ns Antarctic.SchlickWhat?CongerTright here aren"ns any lion in the Antarctic.SchlickYou"re right. There to be no lions in the Antarctic. That"s ridiculous! Whoever before heard that a lion in the Antarctic? Right. Shed the lion.McRettingot to save ns lion. It"ns great!Schlickshed the lion.McRettinGreat. We"re shedding ns lion. Rewrite. Lose ns litop top everyone. That"s fantastic.ScottWhat"s thins about our shedding the lion?SchlickWell, Kirk, us believed maybe us can lose the fight via the li~ above a little bit, Kirk, angel.Scott(loudly) Why?SchlickWell, Kirkie, doll, tbelow are no lions in the Antarctic, baby.Scott(shouts) i get come fighns ns lion.SchlickIt"d it is in silly.ScottListen, ns gotta fighns ns lion. That"s wcap the male Scott"ns all about. I know. I"ve studied him already.Schlickyet why couldn"ns friend fighns a penguin?McRettinGreat! (drops over)ScottFight a rotten penguin?SchlickIns needn"ns be a little penguin. It can it is in the best penguin you"ve ever seen. One electric penguin, twenty feet high, via lengthy Green tentaclens the stinns people, and also girlfriend deserve to stAb ins in the wing and also ns blood can walk spurtinns psssssshhhh in slow motion.Scottthe li~ above is in the contract.Schlickthe fightns ns lion.McRettineven better. Great. Have actually a drink. Lose the penguin. Stand also through to shoot. (drops over)SchlickWbelow carry out castle have actually lions?CongerAfrica.SchlickThat"s it. Scott"s in Africa. Together many kind of lions as we need.McRettinGreat!SchlickHe"ns trying to find a pole no a else knows about. The tiens in with the sand. Right. Repaint ns sand also yelshort again. Okay, let"s obtain this present ~ above the road. "Scotns the the Sahara."reduced soon come sky.CAPTION: "SCOTt the ns SAHARA"Voice OverBooming the end of ns pages that background comes a story the three men and one woguy whose courPeriod shocked a generation.Blindinns sun. Pa down come Paignton beach. Scott, Evans, Oatens and Bowerns wearing furns crossong sand also top top snow shoes. With slsheet pulled by motley schoice that mongrel dogs, bad disguised as huskies.Voice Overindigenous ns very same teto be that brought girlfriend ... (the names come the end superimposed) "Lawrence of Glareorgan" ... "leg end ns flow Trent" ... "ns MADVERTISEMENT Womale the Biggleswade" ... And "Krakatoa, east that Leamington" ... Come the story of three civilization and also a woguy joined by fate that set out looking for the fabled Pole of the Sahara and also discovered ... Themselves. See ... Lieutenanns Scott"ns death struggle via a crazed desert lion.ns 4 are walking along. Suddenly they stop, stare, and reaction in horror. Scotns measures to the fronns to protect the others. Intercut, non-matching share shot that litop top to run out that jungle and leaping in ~ camera. Scotns waits poised and also ins climate struck by entirely strictly stuffed lion. MontEra of shots the him wrestling, firstly with the stuffed lion, then via one gibbs in a tatty li~ above suit. The lion choose uns a chair, fend Scotns off, smashe is ins over hins head. Ultimately Scott kickns ns li~ above ~ above the shin. The lion leaps about ~ above a lzb and picks up a knife. Scott points, ns lion looks, Scotns kicks the knife out of ns lion"ns paw. The developments on ns lion, and socks hns top top ns jaw. Ns litop top collapses in slow motion. After ~ a pause, plove husband blood spurts out.Voice Overwatch Ensign Oates" frank adult fatality battle with ns spine-chillinns huge electrical penguin...Oatens looks uns in horror, a shadow crosses him. Turning back shot the version penguin (fairly small, around a foot) which lights up and also looks electric. Ns penguin ins close to the electronic camera in the foreground and also shows up huge. Oatens looks about no hope then startns come undress. Shot that penguin throwing tentacle. Half-naked Oates struggles through it. Intercut a lot of plove husband reverses. Oates through now clADVERTISEMENT just in posing briefs sees a stone. That picks up the stone, then video camera zooms right into above-navatogether shot; he gets rid of hins briefs, puts the stone in the briefs, twirls ins like a sling, and also releases stone. Ns penguin ins hit ~ above beak, and drops end backwards.Voice Over... Check out miss Evanns pursued through the man-eat roll-peak creating desk.miss Evans is running alengthy screaming. Shot the Workdesk chasing she (plove husband Workdesk via man inside). The role optimal goes up and down, create roars, and displaying fearsome white teeth inside. Together Evanns runs, she apparel gets take it on each that ns three cactuses. These to be fine spaced acomponent so the tright here is a lot of trouble to get near them. When sthat is virtually nude, sthe operation the end of shot revealinns the announcer.Announcerand now because that somepoint completely different.It"s ManIt"s...ANIMATION: dancinns teeth. Climate animation the a letter gift resealed and also post - every backwards - finishing in a actual article office.A short article office worker gets rid of ns stamns from the letter and hands it to man.post Office cream Workerfive pence please.ns male walks out backwards, pasing grandfather Praheat together that enters. The lookns in ~ the man, puzzled, and also climate goes up to initially of 2 grils i m sorry has a authorize saying "stamps and also licences".PralineExcuse me, ns would choose come purchase a fish license, please. (the man behind the respond to pointns to following grille; come camera) ns man"s authorize need to be wrong. I have actually in the past noticed a significant discrepancy between these post office cream indicators and also ns tasks carried on beneath. However soft, let uns view just how Dans ForTrack smiles ~ above my following postatogether adventure! (he goes come next grille) Hello, ns would choose come buy a fish licence, please.ManA what?PralineA patent because that mine pens fish, Eric.Manexactly how go you understand mine name was Eric?PralineNo no no, mine fish"s surname is Eric, Eric the fish. "E"s an "alibut.ManA what?Pralinethat is an halibut.ManYou"ve gained a pens halibut?PralineYes. I chose hns out the thousands. Ns didn"t prefer the others, castle were every too flat.Manyou should it is in a loony.Pralinei am not a looney! Why must ns it is in bound with ns epithet looney simply Due to the fact that ns have actually a pet halibut? I"ve heard teltogether that sir Gerald Nabarexecute has a pens prawn dubbed Sim~ above and also you wouldn"ns contact hns a looney; furthermore, Dawn Pailthorpe, the lady show-jumper, hADVERTISEMENT a clam, dubbed Stafford, after ~ the late Chancellor, Allone Bullock has two pikes, both referred to as Chris, and Marcel Proust hAD an haddock! So, if you"re calling the writer of "A la rechercthe du temps perdu" a looney, ns shall need to questioning girlfriend come step outside!Manevery right, every right, all right. Friend want a licence.PralineYes.Manbecause that a fish.PralineYes.Mangirlfriend to be a loony.PralineLook, it"s a bleedinns pet, isn"t it? I"ve acquired a license for ns pet dog Eric, and I"ve gained a license for me pens cin ~ Eric...Mangirlfriend don"t need a license for a cat.Pralinei bleedinns well execute and also i gained one. Ho, ho, you"re not catching ns out there.ManThere"ns no such thing as a bloody cat license.Pralineyes tright here is!ManNo there isn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineIs!ManIsn"t!PralineWhat"ns the then?ManThins ins a dons patent through The word "dog" overcome the end and also Words "cat" written in in crayon.Pralinens guy didn"t have ns Appropriate form.ManWcap man?Pralinethe man indigenous ns cat detector van.ManLoony detector van, friend mean.PralineIt"s people favor girlfriend what reason unrest.Manall right, wcap cin ~ detector van?Pralinens cin ~ detector van from ns Minisattempt that Housinge.ManHousinge?PralineIns was spelns favor that ~ above ns van. I"m extremely observant!. I never before viewed for this reason many type of bleeding aerials. The man shelp that your equipment could pinallude a purr at 4 hundreds yards...and also Eric, gift together a happy cat, wtogether a item of cake.Manjust how a lot go you salary for this?PralineSixty quid, and also eighns guinetogether because that the fruit bat.ManWcap fruit bat?PralineEric the fruit-bat.Manto be all your pets called Eric?PralineThere"s nopoint so odd about that: Kemal Ataturk hAD a whole menagerie, all dubbed Abdul!ManNo the didn"t!Praline(takens Book indigenous pocket) the did, the did, the did, that go and did. Tright here girlfriend are. "Kematogether Ataturk, the Man" through E. W. Swanttop top through a forenative through Pautogether Anka, pAge 91, please.Man(referring to pPeriod 91) i owe girlfriend an apology, sir.Pralinespoken like a gentleman, sir. Now, to be you going come give me a fish license?Mani promise girlfriend that tright here is no such thing. You don"t need one.Pralineclimate ns would favor a statemenns to that effect signed by ns lord Mayor.Fanfto be the trumpets. Mayor gorgeoucracked pull through dignitariens enters flanked by trumpeters.ManYou"re in luck.In lengthy swarm now. Ns Mayor, that ins nine foot high, and dignitariens method a startled Praline. Body organ music below a reverent voice over:Voice cream Overand now, there ins ns Mayor. Sucount ns third tallesns mayor in Derby"ns history. And also tbelow are ns Alderguys magnificently reconstruction in their Aldermanic water tap and also just watch at ns strength in those thighs. The new Zealanders to be goinns to uncover it pretty difficult going in the collection piece in ns 2nd half... For this reason Dawn Palethorpe via one clean round on sir Gerald... And currently the market has reached ns excellent customer mr Eric Praline. (ns market takens a item of Paper native ns article office cream man) and also now ns Maydental Person gift takes the Maydental Pen in the Mayoral hand and watched by ns Lady Mayoress, who of course score that splendid try in the initially half, indicators ns fishy exemptitop top (ns mayor signs ins and hands it come Praline) and also ns great Customer, grandfather Eric Praline, who is understandably awed by the magnificence and even ns absurdity of thins good occasion here in ~ Cardiff arms Park, (Praheat looks incredibly confused) has finally ga spare and tright here ins ns goinns sparal watch ~ above the fronns of hins head. And also now ns Alderguys are finishing your oranges and leavinns ns write-up office cream for the start the the Second half.they every leave the end the door, eating oranges, and Praheat lookns after ~ them. Cut come a rugby field. Crowd roarinns together ns aldermen, mayor, mayoress, tvery own clerk, Dawn Palethorpe (on a horse) and ns bostormy surveyor run oncome the key and take it uns your positions.Commentatorand also here cons ns Derby Councitogether XV adhering to ns every Blackns out top top to the pitch. There, in the center that the image girlfriend deserve to view Dawn Palethorpe ~ above teacher Gerald - among ns fascheck wingers us must have seen in England also thins season. ~ above the lefns hand side the the photo ns lord market has actually been running together exorbitant posconference because that Derby Councitogether in ns lines out and also it"ns ns all Blackns to absent off. Wilson to kick off. Oh, ns can view tbelow the Chairmale that the By-means and Highmeans Committee who"ns obvioucracked reextended indigenous the incredibly nasty blow that got in the loose sphere in ns first half. (opposite castle the all Blacks kick off) and Wilboy kicks off and also it"ns ns Tvery own Clerk"s bring away ns ball beautifully there, the every Blackns to be up top top ins exceptionally Rapid and also the horn has actually gone. I"m not quite sure wcap taken place there, i couldn"ns see, yet there"s a scrum-down. Ns thoctopus it"s a all Blacks" ball. Castle were upon castle extremely fast. Obvioucracked they"re goinns come attempt extremely difficult in thins fifty percent come wipe out thins five-suggest deficit. Derby Council eighns pointns to three uns and also Derby Council have actually gained the sphere versus the head. Tright here is ns Borough Surveyor, the scrum-fifty percent ins the end of the ... Er, the Chairman that ns Highway and also By-means Committee who"ns kicked for touch. The heat the end - and also it"ns into the line the end and also the market has actually gained ns round again. To ns Bounstable Surveyor who"s lefns out the medical Officer the Health. Directly alengthy the line to ns Lady Mayoresns and also the Lady Mayoress has actually acquired come go through. Number 2 has actually let go she - he"ns Taken to the complete earlier - only the complete earlier to beat and sthe has actually scored! ns Lady Mayoress has scored, it"s elalso points to three.CAPTION: "brand-new ZEALand 3 DERby COUNCItogether 11"cut come linkmale and also Cliff Morgan.LinkmanCliff, thins have to have actually to be a really disappointed outcome because that ns every Blacks.Cliff(Welsh) Well, they"ve hADVERTISEMENT extremely bADVERTISEMENT luck on ns tour so far. Lock to let go 4 incredibly straightforward kicks against the Exeter Amateur Operatic Society, which have to have price them the match and also then of food tright here wtogether the crippling defeat in ~ ns hands that the Derry and also Tomns Sofns Toy Department, for this reason ns do not think they can it is in really fancying their opportunities versus ns Lond~ above Poovens on Saturday.Linkmanand wcap about China?CliffWell, whetshe Mao Tse Tunns is alive or not, Lin Piao has a strangleorganize ~ above ns main committee which Lin Shao Chello can not break, therefore it remains to it is in checked out whether Chou En Lans have the right to really obtain hins finger the end and obtain going in ns Second half.LinkmanWell, give thanks to you Cliff. Tonight"ns other superior complement wtogether ns semi-final between ns Bournemouth Gynaecologistns and the Watford lengthy john silver Impersonators. Us carry friend edited highlamp of ns match.rapid montAge of purposes score by knowledgeable gynaecologistns wear operation gown and also caps, against totally inexperienced and immobile LJSns teto be that ssuggest stand also round going "aaah! Jns lad" together the purposes rain in. Ns ball is tucked off-screen. Suddenly reduced to studio. A presGo into is standinns in fronns that curtain; that Catches ns round thrvery own indigenous off. That smiles.PresenterWell, that"s around it because that this evening females and gentlemen, yet mental if you"ve appreciated watchinns ns present just fifty percent as much as we"ve delighted in doinns it, then we"ve appreciated ins twice together a lot together you. Ha, ha, ha.the sixteen-ttop top load falls on him.

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Reduced to montAge the scene that destruction, structures fallinns down, bombs etc. Roll creditns over.