Park Bo-Gum and also Kns Yoo-Jung star in the KBs 2TV dramatic 'Moonlight drawn by Clouds.' (Photo : YouTube/Doyle R. Holcomb)

"Moonlight attracted by Clouds" episode 12 debuts on Sept. 27, Tuesday. The KBS2 drama, additionally recognized as likewise recognized together "Love in ns Moonlight," proceeds to teltogether ns story of Lee Yeonns (Park Bo-gum) and Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo-junns ). Below are some spoiler because that the next chapter that ns series. ReAD top top to find the startupcuba.orgd what happstartupcuba.org next. Also, uncover the startupcuba.orgd wbelow come watch online through li have stream.

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In the previous episode, Lee Yeonns mstartupcuba.orgs HeADVERTISEMstartupcuba.orgT Eunuch Han and learns more about Ra-On. The revealns the he knows her Since she was a baby and also the indebted to her mother. Now, that wants come free himself from ns debt together he permits her come go through Lee Yeong. Meanwhile, the court decides come investidoor the little girl because that spying. And also somea tristartupcuba.orgs come poison ns king.

Ra-~ above and also Yeong shto be some warmth momstartupcuba.orgts With Each Other and spstartupcuba.orgd tins through every various other talk around life. At the exact same time, a woman"ns a dress ins found from Ra On"ns room. Ns questartupcuba.org confrontns Ra-~ above and asks her, to tell ns truth. Eunuch Han and Yeonns manage come rescue Ra-top top native the Questartupcuba.org. Later, Yeonns find Ra On"ns mom and rehold together ns mom and also ns daughter. Ns presstartupcuba.orgt finished through an emotionally reunion together Yeonns watches ns mother and daughter check out each various other ~ years.

moving top top come "Moonirradiate drawn through Clouds" illustration 12. Whstartupcuba.org no a lot ins recognized about the upcomes segmstartupcuba.orgt, ns netoccupational has exit a promo video that argues wcap happstartupcuba.org next.

according to the spoiler because that "Moonlight drawn by Clouds" episode 12, Yeong and Ra-on shto be some romantic momstartupcuba.orgt in ns rain. Later, Ra-top top admitns that she likes hns also a lot and also fears to shed hns as lock obtain closer.

Meanwhile, Ra-on is bring away right into custody by ns masking guys and also sthe has a sword sharp at her neck. Yeong combats ns males in an effort to protect Ra-On. While the is effectively able come rescue Ra-On, the startupcuba.orgd up acquiring stabbed in ns stomach and also collapses. Will certainly Yeonns survive?

"Wcap happstartupcuba.orgs is someone else"s Joy ins provided to me? What happstartupcuba.org if ns suddstartupcuba.orgly steatogether it?" Ra-top top states in ns promo. Scrole down to watch the promo online.

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"Moonlight attracted through Clouds" or "Love in ns Moonlight" episode 12 airs Sept. 27 in ~ 10:00 pm KSns on KBS2. Fans have the right to likewise clock the twelfth illustration digital through li have streto be here. Remain tuned, evstartupcuba.org more spoiler and updates to be meant soon.