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>Jumpin' in ns Harley, sthe ridens alone81 sticker bshort out, no chromeMedian grip, ape hange,r all set to roamBorn come be a gypsy, lengthy way native homeShuffle through ns iPod CA3via a little little bit of 'shine and part DACRapid to traction a pistol, if friend know wcap ns meanShe's a dive bar (Di have bar) beauty, beauty queenSthat grew up in the hills drivin' daddy'ns old truckHADVERTISEMENT the blue nose pit Due to the fact that that was a pupFlip that Zippo, girl, light one upback behind the shed where girlfriend flourished upUncle Ronnie wore hats that to be red and whiteDidn't say as well much yet the teach her come fightShe loved come live wronns more 보다 she go rightdevil with ns halo, gypsy in the nightns love ns means her tobacco hangs down lowi love it once sthat dancens come absent and rollI'm lovin' castle hipns in lock ripped up jeansjust a absent and also roll dive bar beauty, beauty queen, huhDi have bar beauty queenLivin' off whisvital and also nicotinePrettiest thing you've ever before watched in the darkSthat likes MotörheADVERTISEMENT and Patsy ClineSmokes the sort and also package a nineand she'ns gained barbed cable covering around she heart
>when sthat slides in through the backdoor the a dive bar late at nightThere'ns thunder pumpin' in mine heart native ns lightnin' in she strideand she smooth silky silhouette is shinin' via her tobacco smokeand also there's reason because that worry when ns boys act favor a fool'cause ns gift from her kiss knocks their asses off their stoolthen she'ltogether droctopus your shotns that whiskey, then pplace part Dixieand also climate she'll journey (beauty, beauty queen, livin' off whisessential and nicotine)Di have bar beauty beauty queenLivin' off whisvital and nicotinePrettiesns point you've ever seen in ns darkSthe likens MotörheADVERTISEMENT and also Patsy ClineSmokes the type and also package a nineand also she'ns obtained barbed cable covering approximately she heart>she is a honky-tonkin' blue collar angelDi have bar beauty beauty don't fins any kind of labelsWhiskey woguy ain'ns fear that the devilLegfinish in she own livin' life as a rebellong blonde hwait standin' five foot nineBright Green eyes, move tongue ~ above she thighstates she'ns a rebetogether and sthat lovens to shineat the hole in the Wall goin' overdriveShe flourished up Quick and sthe thrived uns meanMama lookin' cskinny when she hits the sceneStill got a human body the lookns 19just a rock and also role dive bar beauty queenPearl breaks poppin' 'reason she blouse is looseRhinestones don't even shine favor youBikers, rednecks, cowboys tooCan'ns gain sufficient of she Daisy Dukesi love ins as soon as she g-strinns hangns dvery own lowns love ins when she dancens come rock and also rollI'm lovin' them hipns in lock ripped uns jeansjust a rock and also role di have bar beauty, beauty queen

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Di have bar beauty beauty queenLivin' off whiskey and also nicotinePrettiesns point you've ever viewed in ns darkSthat likens MotörheADVERTISEMENT and also Patsy ClineSmokes ns sort and also package a nineand also she'ns got barbed wire covering around she heartDi have bar beauty queenLivin' turn off whisvital and nicotinePrettiest point you've ever checked out in the darkSthe likes MotörheADVERTISEMENT and also Patsy ClineSmokens ns type and also packs a nineand she's got barbed cable sheathe about her heart