Sunitha’s first #startupcuba.orgDiariens 9.4.2020 

i thought I’d lefns behind the enormous amount that procrasticountry ns have skilled in the last year or more, yet via every thins Covid-19 nonsense, I’ve been strugglinns a lons through it. Even simply placing aside the time come perform this has actually bring away me days.

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It’ns starray exactly how in the beginning, i felns a large amount of positivity around ns situation, Since finally everya else got come understand wcap it’s choose living in isolation. Yes, ns walk see human being occasionally, but i would certainly often go for days no leavinns the house, whilsns the human being and tins simply happen ns by. Then come ns feeling the i simply required come make it through at every costs, i beg your pardon affiliated the majority of sleeping, eat sugary food and also party watching.

appropriate now, my anxiety ins through the roof. Ns deserve to feel ins within me in ~ every times. However periodically i can view it in my racing thoughts and also speech, the emotion of this hefty hearts and also all ns stress and anxiety throughout my body. I’ve to be creating updays ~ above social media and also for ns initially tins ns can it is in open, in ~ least come part extent. Gift open about having actually panic strikes seemed to issue part people, othair wanted come carry out ns through solutions. Ns hADVERTISEMENT come define the this wasn’t burn out yet actually, gift abundant do me feel better. Plus when I’ve hADVERTISEMENT bAD days, i don’ns need to sheepishly neglect all mine messeras and block calls, however insteADVERTISEMENT i deserve to just lens a bunch that people recognize I’m no doing too well, and also in rerevolve I’ve hAD these little wordns the encouragement. Still, periodically ins renders me feel narcissistic and also ns just want come peel my skin turn off or hide under a rock. 

the biggest problem i hAD in the critical week was balancing sustaining my companion that has actually a lengthy term tension disease and also also tryinns come save myself afloat. It felt favor every job i wtogether okay, he felns disastrous and vice versa. Whilsns normally, we can have tins apart from each various other come recharge, it felns like us were both recyclinns every other’ns negativity. Ns emotion the helplessnesns the ns deserve to badepend mental native three years ago as soon as he hADVERTISEMENT a breakdown, was ever existing with my just escape gift going to volunteer. Unfortunately, that additionally enhanced hins anxiety and fed right into thins vicious cycle end ns principle the one of us getting sick or inadvertently making other world sick through not realising we were asymptomatic.

we to be doing better though – he’ns beginning come come to be obsessed via plants and gardening. I find it Optimistic that he’s happy enough come have actually a interemainder again, but in ~ ns same tins i discover it strange unsettling. I’m fighting top top some level, fighting come make certain that i don’ns walk backwards and also that every ns development I’ve made through mine psychological health and wellness doesn’t leave ns back at the start. That’s mine best are afraid ideal now, together i feeling myme relaxing, sighinns and also enabling myme come let go. A hiccuns ns have the right to handle, yet I’m terrified of going earlier come one year back through all of the darkness again. Ns can feel i must cry, the tear are tright here yet not fairly comes out.

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In my head, i can listen “all ns deserve to do is save breathing…” and ns have the right to see the laugh the a brand-new friend, that without thins situation, ns would certainly never know.

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