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Executi have Orders check out

ns chairman of ns united states maneras ns operation the ns Executive branch that federal government via Executive orders.

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Legal Status
Executive Orders
2017 Donald Trump Executive Orderns view all Presidential papers

In 2017, Donald Trumns published 55 executi have orderns (from EO 13765 through EO 13819).

these 55 executive orderns can it is in downinvited in CSV/Excel and also Jchild formats. Even more indevelopment around our APIs and other develoevery tools can be found top top ours develoevery pages.

Displace Tablens save on computer indevelopment about Presidentiatogether files beginning via those signed by wilhelm J. Clinton and also to be arranged according to Presidentiatogether administration and year of signature. Ns tablens to be compiled and also maintained through ns Office cream the ns federal it is registered editors.

Supersedes: EO 13756, December 27, 2016

EO 13818:
Blockinns ns building that Personns affiliated in significant Human being civil liberties Abuse or Corrupti~ above

See: EO 13771, January 30, 2017; EO 13783, in march 28, 2017; EO 13807, august 15, 2017; EO 12866, September 30, 1993

Revokes: EO 11580, January 20, 1971

EO 13815:
Resuming ns unified says refugees Adobjectives program with amplified Vettinns Capabilities

See: EO 13815, October 24, 2017; Revoked by: EO 14013, February 4, 2021

EO 13814:
Amending Executi have bespeak 13223

Amends: EO 13223, September 14, 2001

EO 13813:
promoting Healthtreatment choice and vain across the joined claims

Revoked by: EO 14009, January 28, 2021

EO 13812:
Revocati~ above the Executive stimulate creating Labor- administration court

Revokes: EO 13522, December 9, 2009; Executive stimulate 13708 the September 30, 2015

EO 13811:
continue the specific federal Advisory Committees

Supersedes: EO 13708, September 30, 2015 Revokes: EO 13805, July 19, 2017

EO 13810:
Imposing added Sanction through Respect to north Korea

See: EO 13466, June 26, 2008; EO 13551, respectable 30, 2010; EO 13687, January 2, 2015; EO 13722, march 15, 2016; EO 13382, June 28, 2005

Restoring State, Tribal, and regional legislation Enforcement'ns accessibility to Life-saving tools and sources

Revokes: EO 13688, January 16, 2015

EO 13808:
Imposing extra Sanction with Respecns to ns case in Venezuela
creating discipline and Accountability in the eco-friendly testimonial and also Permittinns procedure because that framework projects

Revokes: EO 13690, January 30, 2015See: EO 13766, January 24, 2017; EO 13781, march 13, 2017; EO 13817, December 20, 2017 Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

Assessing and also strengthening ns manufacturing and also Defense industrial base and supply Chain Resiliency of the united states
permitting additional Time because that Recognizing Positive Action by ns federal government that Sudone and also Amfinishing Executi have order 13761

Amends: EO 13761, January 13, 2017See: EO 13067, November 3, 1997; EO 13412, October 13, 2006 EO 13761 that January 13, 2017

Supersedes: EO 12675, Apritogether 20, 1989

EO 13802:
Amending Executi have order 13597

Amends: EO 13597, January 19, 2012

EO 13801:
broadening Apprenticeships in america

Revoked by: EO 14016, February 17, 2021

EO 13800:
increase the Cybersecurity the commonwealth Netfunctions and also crucial facilities

See: EO 13636, February 12, 2013

EO 13799:
facility the Presidentiatogether Advisory board of directors top top choice integrity

See: EO 13788, Apritogether 18, 2017

EO 13796:
Addressing trade Covenant Violation and also Abuses

Revokes: EO 13754, December 9, 2016; Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

EO 13794:
facility of the Amerideserve to technology Council

Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

EO 13791:
Enforcing Statutory prohibitions top top federal regulate that education and learning

See: EO 13771, January 30, 2017; EO 13778, February 28, 2017; EO 13783, march 28, 2017Revokes: EO 13575, June 9, 2011

See: EO 12866, September 30, 1993

EO 13788:
buy American and rental American

See: EO 13797, Apritogether 29, 2017; Revoked by: EO 14006, January 25, 2021

EO 13787:
offering an order of Sequence Within the room the Justice cream

Revokes: EO 13775, February 9, 2017

EO 13786:
Omnibus Report on substantial trade Deficits
establishing intensified repertoire and Enforcement of Antidumpinns and Countervailinns Duties and also Violations of trade and also customizeds legislations

Revokes: EO 13653, November 1, 2013See: EO 13790, April 25, 2017; EO 13817, December 20, 2017; Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

Revokes: EO 13673, July 31, 2014; EO 13738, respectable 23, 2016Revokens in part: EO 13683, December 11, 2014See: EO 13771, January 30, 2017

See: EO 13807, respectable 15, 2017

EO 13780:
Protecting ns country indigenous foreign Terrorisns Entry right into ns united claims
White residence Initiati have come promote Excellence and creation at Historically Black Colleges and also colleges

Revokes: EO 13532, February 26, 2010ongoing by: EO 13811, September 29, 2017 Superseded by: Ep 14041, September 3, 2021

Restorinns the dominion of Law, Federalism, and financial growth through Reviewinns ns ``Waters the the unified States'' dominance

See: EO 13790 of April 25, 2017; Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

EO 13777:
Enforcinns ns regulation Reform Agenda

See: EO 12866, September 30, 1993; EO 13563, January 18, 2011; EO 13771, January 30, 2017 Revoked by: EO 13992, January 20, 2021

Revokes: EO 13762, January 13, 2017Revoked by: EO 13787, march 31, 2017

EO 13774:
staying clear of Violence against Federal, State, Tribal, and also local regulation Enforcemenns policemans
Enforcinns federal legislation through Respecns come Transnational Criminatogether organizations and also preventing global smuggling

Revoked by: EO 14018, February 24, 2021

EO 13771:
Reducinns Regulatitop top and controlling regulation expenses

See: EO 12866, September 30, 1993; EO 13777, February 24, 2017; EO 13782, in march 27, 2017; EO 13790, Apritogether 25, 2017; EO 13817, December 20, 2017 Revoked by: EO 13992, January 20, 2021

Supersedes: EO 13490, January 21, 2009

EO 13769:
Protectinns the nation from foreign Terrorist Enattempt into ns united states

See: EO 13780, in march 6, 2017

EO 13768:
enhancing publicly safety and security in the inner that ns joined says

Revoked by: EO 13993 the January 20, 2021

EO 13767:
Border protection and immigrant Enforcement improvements

Revoked by: EO 14010, February 2, 2021

EO 13766:
Expmodifying eco-friendly Reviews and also Approvals for High Priority infrastructure projects

See: EO 13807, respectable 15, 2017; Revoked by: EO 13990, January 20, 2021

EO 13765:
Minimizinns the economic burden of ns patience security and also Affordmaybe care Acns Pfinishing Repeatogether

Revoked by: EO 14009, January 28, 2021

Executive order Disposition Tables
Executi have bespeak Disposition Tables

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