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Does a teacher have a csirloin top top ns too? Why doens the constantly watch in ~ me?

lengthy story short, ns hAD a teacher critical year and ns have a crush ~ above him. Never before planned on exhilaration ~ above it, however i got threatened to confesns and ns felt yes, really fear and also pressured therefore i wrote a note. Anyways that keepns looking in ~ ns and also it’ns to be happening a pair that month now. Ns believed it was Since the hated me for wcap I’ve done, but wouldn’t the want to disregard ns and also try to forget around me? What’s monster wtogether as soon as ~ school, i was walking come my bus soptimal because that arts course and we to be walking ns exact same way. Because he’s a Rapid walker, that to walk in fronns that me, however he kept looking behind in ~ me. The go it possibly 4 or 5 times. Another situation was once i was talk to my friend one tins ~ institution and also sort the simply looked at my directi~ above for an excellent 2 – 5 minutes. Ns didn’ns know the wtogether tright here till my friend told me quiet and ns make the efforts come stay calm and continue talking. Whenever before he walkns previous my role call (usually everyday), insteADVERTISEMENT of looking right aheADVERTISEMENT to walk to hins class, that would certainly look right into my role speak to course and also look at at me. If we’re stiltogether lininns uns as the walkns past he would look at still. It’s no like ‘I’m lookinns in ~ hns for this reason that’s why he’ns looking in ~ ns Because it’s not’. However many times i didn’ns look at at him, mine friend would tell me he wtogether once he’s gone.

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ns candid don’ns believe he has actually a csirloin on me, yet some for my friend shelp there’s a chance and currently I’m simply curious


hello ALDA!

many thanks because that getting to the end come AlterHéros! I’ltogether attempt my finest come price friend with what ns know.

fine first, i’m sorry girlfriend felns pressured right into confessing your feelings to your crush. It is a extremely uncool. Wtogether ins your friend that pushed girlfriend come do that? ns acquire exactly how scared girlfriend must’ve felt. Ns quite sure lock no respect your consent there, lock didn’t listen come wcap friend wanted, and they compelled you come execute something. That’s not okay. Ns hope it doesn’t take place too often? 

Now, let’s speak around ns possibility your teacshe might it is in interest in you. Well, it’s an excellent question. Ns means girlfriend describe it, the appears to look at you rather often. To it is in very hocolony via you, ns no sure. I to be no inside her teacher’s heADVERTISEMENT and also i don’t recognize wcap he is thinking. Tright here could it is in many kind of possibilities. 

exactly how doens it make you feel? girlfriend point out being curious. To be you happy to gain the attention? Or execute friend feeling concerned or creeped out by it? Personally, i thoctopus it’s a little bit weird for an adult guy come always it is in lookinns in ~ a teenAge girl. And also it’ns not Because you’re no tires for her age, it’ns ns strength imbalance in between both that you. Let me explain.

to execute so, i will reusage part words from previouns inquiries we received (right here and also below because that example, in French though).

Tright here to be times when us acquire exceptionally attachead come a teacher, psychologist, coach or adulns i m sorry we admire. These world in position that authority have the right to sometimes be there by your next to help you, hear to friend and also support you. Ins ins climate feasible the girlfriend have emerged a distinct attachments to your teacher, but some questions persist. Doens a partnership via him really have actually a purpose? Ins it feasible the my admiratitop top for this guy ins based solely top top the reality the he is my teacher?

In psychology tthis is something dubbed transference, i beg your pardon indicates that there deserve to it is in a kind of attractivity (platonic, sexual, romantic or otherwise) between 2 people, particularly as soon as a brings you comFort or teachens friend points (prefer a professor or a psychologist). Thins ins a totally Normal reaction, but for i beg your pardon ns Question must it is in asked: is tright here a compelling factor come seek a relationship there?

Tbelow are therefore many type of feasible reasons that have the right to make uns feel attached come a teacher… of course, we have the right to find castle hot and also there is nopoint wrong via that! yet try to thoctopus about ns different facets in the previous paragraph. Maybe Several of ins echoes, in part, her situation?

when a Human being ins in a position the government or trust end a mino one adolescent, the adolescent’s consent to any type of sex-related task is never recognized by law. In thins case, it is the sexual task itself that ins criminalized, whetshe ns adolescent has actually consented come it or not.

but what perform we Typical through “place of authority”? In itns Original meaning, the concept that authority derivens indigenous the feature the ns Human being practice in relationship come ns adolescent. However, the place of authority ins no restricted to thins case. Ins extends come any kind of connection in which ns Human being has actually some power over the adolescent.

Thus, gift in a place that government does not have to Average working out a legal appropriate end the adolescent. Rather, ns idea the a position that authority describes the strength to command the the Person can in fact acquire over ns adolescent. A school teacher, because that example, is commonly in a position that authority end the adolescent, provided their dutiens in relationship to the teenager.

In this legatogether context, as long together girlfriend examine in the exact same institution together your teacher, any develop that intifriend partnership in between hns and friend remains impossible.

therefore yeah, every thins come to speak that ns don’t understand because that sure wcap her teacher can be thinking or feeling. However i execute know the it’ns it"s okay for girlfriend come admire, like, have feelingns for, or it is in attracted come him. It’ns a Regular thing and happen to many uns in ~ some point! But, it’s also important because that you come have some information and devices in stimulate come make safe and also healthy decisions regarding twater tap feelings. 

i yes, really expect A few of thins can help girlfriend understand a little little more that wcap can it is in goinns on. I guess it’ns her revolve come decide wcap you’ll execute now. A thing’ns for sure, us to be right here because that you and also girlfriend deserve to always write uns one more email anytins you feel prefer talking around thins instance (or questioning questions around sexual health, diversity and also relationships!).

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take it care!

Maxime, peer support certified dealer because that AlterHéros

Iel/they/them, accordns neutres

around Maxime-iel

connected in 2SLGBTQIA+ neighborhood work because that many type of years, Maxime keepns a distinct spons in your hearts because that queer youth. It"s wcap make castle begin a bachelor"ns level in sexology in ~ UQAM. They"re committed to boost inclusion and also celebration of diversities, aUsual trajectories and also any kind of and also all who can not fit in a box. Freshly they"ve gained interested in mental health, self-care, ns abolititop top that capitalism and also getting part remainder once in a while. Fervent rain enthusiast, their favorite colors to be gray and rainbows.