What am ns expected come do? like Merlin ins simply following ns about and also ns meter ins in ~ zero i do the efforts come give a present come make it go uns (or also down) but nopoint happened besides a thanks and then complied with me about together ns do the efforts come figure out just how come progressive or reduced the meter.

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i finished uns simply finishing the day Since nothing was happening.

look at top top ns map, there's blue symbols anywhere the place. Friend can walk chat listed below ns tree at main plaza, go to ns swings, ns seesaw, dwithin at ns restaurant, etc.

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If friend desire easy and also Fast mood points simply execute ns seesaw(yet don'ns faitogether ns mini-game) as many type of time together it lets you, you finish uns the day through the majority of mood points that way, and also it'ns quite fast. Once friend to be out that action pointns girlfriend deserve to end the date Since girlfriend won't it is in acquiring any more the atmosphere points(it'ns the coin like symbols at the top best on screen.)

i thsquid ns day requirements to end fine for Merlin come provide friend ns camera.

ns take it she because that food in ~ Django'ns climate top top ns see-witnessed but sthat fly in the wait and also dropped on the floor. Sthat abruptly ended ns date