ns Fin ~ Fairy in ns Pyrbetween that Power

Tbelow ins just a decision left: ns a in which Zelda is imprisoned!as ns critical maiden said, Zelda ins wislim tortoise Rock. The is ~ above theDark World"s fatality Mountain. However first...

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There ins a brand-new type that bomb in ns bomb shop, wbelow your residence ins in theirradiate World. Come get there, warp to the light World, usage your flute toacquire to her house, walk north to the lock door to gain come the Pyrbetween ofPower, and make your method roughly come ns bomb shop.

Inside, next to the heap of simple bombs, tright here is a huge pink bomb.friend may have i found it a cracked in ns wevery one of the Pyramid of power thatyou couldn"t rest open up with an simple bomb. Well, thins Super Bombwill certainly carry out the trick. To buy it for 100 rupees, and also ins will folshort girlfriend untilfriend press A, or drons turn off a ledge, therefore it is in cautious no come execute the unlessyou want the bomb come walk off! once friend push A or drons turn off a ledge,the 3 Second bomb timer will certainly start, after which ns bomb will certainly explode.

come gain to the Pyrbetween of power quickly, go external and warp come the LightWorld, then heAD north and also pass via the castle gate come find yourselfright in ~ the pyramid. To walk up ns stairns and also go come the huge crack in thewall. Place the Suevery Bomb in fronns of it, then press A and also gain away.after ~ 3 seconds, the bomb will break open up the crack. Walk inside.

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girlfriend discover a tiny pool. As with ns Waterfall of Wishing, girlfriend can droppoints right into it, and also probably obtain better points in return. Method it,and also drons in her bow and arrows, and a fin ~ fairy will appear. Sthat willoffer you ns silver- Arrows, i beg your pardon sthat claims will complete Ganon off!

before girlfriend leave this mysterious Pond, girlfriend must drop in her sword,too. Ns Fin ~ Fairy provides girlfriend the gold Sword, double together powerful asthe Tempered Sword!

If, because that part reason, you provided your Eco-friendly potion, you have the right to likewise throw annorth bottle in and sthe filling ins via Eco-friendly potion, Similar to in theWaterfevery one of Wishing. Friend will certainly really need ns Environment-friendly potion in the nextdungeon, so if you want you deserve to also empty a 2nd bottle and also have itfilled through Green potion, too.

If you"re ready, warp to the irradiate World, usage her flute to obtain to#1, death Mountain, and also climb to ns Dark civilization warns brick at ns top.Warp there, climate usage ns Magic mirror to gain top top top the Spectacle Rock.Drop down native there and also heAD east past the Tower of HPeriod come the nextscreen. Cross the bridge, pounding down a post, and also ignoring ns cavegates to go east to the next screen. Lift ns babsence boulder below.girlfriend have to currently lb ns write-ups uns below in ns correct order. First poundns one ~ above the right, then ns one above, and also finally ns one on ns left.A warp brick will certainly appear. Action top top ins to Enter ns Dark World.

girlfriend uncover yourme aheight a absent that looks like a turtle; turtle Rock!listed below you is a wavy symbol on ns ground that might look familiar.look at in her list and also friend watch that symbotogether ~ above ns Quake Medallion.Stand top top ns symbol and use the medallion, and also the turtle"ns heADVERTISEMENT willvanish, revealing stairns that leAD into the dungeon.

do not go in yet! Tbelow ins a item of hearts (the second-to-last one)the you can now get, despite it ins a bit tricky. Drop down native atopturtle rock and also departure west. Pick uns ns white boulder listed below and godvery own the stairs. Tbelow are many kind of platcreates here, part with chests.lock all simply save rupees, and also her wallens must it is in full by now,so you can neglect them. HeAD phia bìc uns the route till it ends. Tright here isin reality an invisible course phia bìc that you. If you usage the Etshe Medallion,ns path will it is in illuminated briefly, however that provides up therefore a lot magicit"s really a waste (and also you might no remember ns specific path, anyway).an additional way come overcome the path is to develop one oselection block via theCane that Somaria, and also push it front (SLOWLY) along the invisible pathtill it falls turn off ns edge. Now friend know girlfriend have to turn in anotherdirection. Face east and create an additional block. Push ins till it falls.the next revolve ins north, climate west, climate you have a right swarm northso girlfriend don"t should develop a block. Bomb ns north wall, then in thenext room bomb ns west wall. (the phia bìc Wall surface simply leader come a fairyfountain, and ns east Wall can"t it is in bombed.) exit west (the northWall simply leads to a couple of fairiens floating around), then leave southcome the outside. Use ns Magic mirror to gain ago to ns irradiate World,wright here a item of heart will be sitting ideal tbelow waiting because that you.

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step back into the warp girlfriend created, climate drop off the leaf to getago down to the route the allows you reach tortoise Rock. Walk east ago toturtle Rock. (by ns way, you can pull ns right-hand paw for 20 rupees.)Enter the dungeon...