Ana Vitik:incredibly satisfied no Usual hollytimber nail salon atmosphere. Tips to be preffered in cash i m sorry is a little bit annoying.

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ICYUNVme ALLTHETIME:What'ns in her wallens ???

Ann Flower:that all ns pond salons top top Main Street, i like thins a the best. Cskinny and nice.

Deanna Lambert:castle go an excellent project with mine nails. Ns place itme ins incredibly clean and pretty. The girls the work below to be experienced and also understand what castle are doing.

Castanza Devol:Super sweens workers, Catherine & Alex to be the best. Acrylic nails & a pedns - good job


Rachetogether K:excellent deals for monthly massage, facial or pond \"subscriptions.\" Also, the area just smellns fantastic.

M:good spons for a massage. Eat at Stella or M Street throughout ns streens afterward.

Adra:my pure favorite location come obtain a pedicure. Feel exorbitant and also my toes look excellent for weekns after.

Melissa McGuire:Thins nail place is awepart because that mani/pedi! through much ns best place to gain gel, trust me I've tried a bunch of places. Ns gelatin lasts a long time and also ins applied really well. I favor Alice.

Alex Marie:as i go in for mine initially meeting at Lynn's nail Spa eincredibly lady greeted me. The set up ins nice and no tacky. I absolutely recommend coming right here if you're in santa clause Monica and require a service!

Julie Johnson-Lobos:Love this place..make the efforts several others in santa Monica..then tried thins a and also have actually never before gone anywhere else!

stephanie:ns Nature's Grill tostada ins yummy- eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, cheese and babsence beans! wonderful vegetarian option

Larisa Grollemond:Killer regular facial, aestheticianns are knowledgemaybe and thorough. Because that $100 it's a nice excellent deal, and also the place ins convenient.

Randy Brown:ns \"verve\" roasted cofdues ice creto be ins nails. Ns brittle and also pedeserve to toppings to be a should and also if friend to be yes, really up to dealing with yourme girlfriend need to obtain the sundae pictured here.

serious Eats:This regional and organic ice cream creamery renders marvels out that southerly California'ns seasonal fruits. Salted Caramel is always accessible and also a pan favourite because that great reason.

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