Onimusha Warlordns has 4 Decoder crate places & Solutions. This overview shows where to uncover and exactly how come settle them. solving all Decoder Boxes unlocks ns Decrypter, Table because that a trophy or achievement.

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every decoder box will certainly need you to acquire every the records connected through their question. Ns concerns and answers will certainly constantly it is in the same because that eextremely player. Below is a summary that where come discover each box and a picture the the answer.

Decoder crate Locations

Decoder crate Seiyru: This box is situated at ns extremely begin the the south area in ~ the basic the the Magic winter just together girlfriend cons the end that the Underground Temple. In order to fix this crate you will must have actually accumulated all the Seiryu files or use the adhering to screenshot to answer the Inquiry “What cla has to be subverted through ns demons?”:

Decoder crate Suzaku: This crate ins situated in the southern area and also ins at ns basic of ns magic mirror in the dried moat. In bespeak to resolve this crate you will must have actually gathered all the Suzaku files or use the following screenswarm to price the Concern “name the relic created by the Ogres come damage ns demons.”:


Decoder crate Byakko: This box ins situated in ns West location situated at ns base the the magic winter prior to the gold and also silver plates are provided top top the door come access ns burning structure and also can just it is in derived through Kaede. In stimulate come resolve this crate friend will have to have actually accumulated all the Byakko files or use ns following screenswarm to price ns Concern “surname ns secret area where the Ogres gather.”:


Decoder box Genbu: This box ins situated in ns eastern area situated at ns base of the magic winter in the room just past the waterfall.

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In stimulate come fix thins box friend will have to have actually gathered all the Genbu files or usage the complying with screenswarm come prize the Concern “What deserve to be magnified via soulns indigenous ns gauntlet?”:


That’s every the Decoder box Puzzlens in Onimusha Warlords. When friend have actually opened up every 4 girlfriend will get the Decrypter, Tmaybe for a trophy or achievement.