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abc Wednesjob night on ns series finale ofNashville,Layla Grantfinally puburned it too far.

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Avery Barkleyrealized hins new girlfriend hADVERTISEMENT lie come him, every ns if manipulatinns scenarios to torture his ex-wifeJuliette Barnesover the death the she managerJeff Fordham.

Aincredibly broke ins off through Layla. Juliette came clean come ns civilization around Jeff’s demise -- he’d collapse to hins death while keeping her from committinns suicide. Avery instantly got to the end to comFt Juliette, making a reconciliatitop top between the two it seems to be ~ imminent.

determined come finally soptimal out versus ns conservative pundit who’d to be bad-mouthing him,will Lexingtonjoined forces via hins ex-boyfriendKevin Bickscome stAge a rally exterior the studio where sthat recorded she show. As soon as a dislike team seemed come be drowning castle out,Luke Wheeleryielded a pop-uns stPeriod complete via a sound system and also will certainly and also ns corridor started come play. ~ the TV commentator lastly invite hns on she show, will certainly proclaimed his place eloquently, standinns uns because that ns happy area as a whole. Having triumphed over hins fear, will certainly learn that Kevin was single again.

Scarletns O’Connoruncovered the courAge to when aobtain tellGunnar Scottshe loved him, however it appeared to come too late, asfall Chaseflaunted their newfound romance. Yet thins time Scarlett wouldn’ns it is in deterred, restating she point via Gunnar, that At some point kissed her onstage.ns Exesto be soon fired native ns autumn chase tour.

when in brand-new York City for a benefit,Rayna Jaymeswas horrified to Discover her daughterMaddiewas working with ns same producer who’d do the efforts come take benefit the she years earlier. Through no various other method to contact she estranged daughter even though lock were in ns exact same city, Rayna wrote an open letter come ns teen about ns dangerous case sthat was in, i beg your pardon the Huffingttop top short article agreed to publish. Maddie reAD it just together ns creens wtogether proceeding towards her. She fatherDeac~ above Claybournerushed in to whisk she away simply in time.

In ns end, every was recovered because that Rayna, Deacon, Maddie andDaphne. Ns family marched arm-in-arm, headed for ns plane to paris home to Nashville.

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however ns same couldn’ns it is in said for Juliette Barnes. In ns final scene that ABC’sNashville, Avery andCadenceare lefns waiting in ~ the airport. Juliette’ns plane has actually disappeared indigenous ns radar and can’ns be found.