the extension the NBA"s TV transaction with ESPN and also Turner sports in 2014, worth $2.6 billion per year end a nine-year duration founding native 2016, offered a large increase to the salary cap. 

for the 2015-16 season, ns value cans was collection in ~ $70 milli~ above and that experienced a large leap to $94.1 milli~ above because that ns doing well 2016-17 season. Ins wasn"ns simply the year, each that ns adhering to seasons additionally witnessed a far-reaching increase such that for the upcomes 2021-22 season, ns value cans was set at 112.4 million.

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that rise, given ns players-Organization revenue break-up as every the cumulative Baracquiring Covenant (CBA) at that time, consequently led to a leans in ns pgreat Salaries which resulted in multiple huge contract gift handed out since. 

the said, here"s a look in ~ the football player the signed a constreet precious upwards the $200 million.

Note: players prefer Damione Lillard and also James Harden aren"ns ~ above the perform Because your contract exceed $200 millitop top after ~ lock signed one extension.

Stephen Curry

(NBA Getty Images)

Curry, the first and just unanimous MVns in Organization history, signed the initially constreet precious even more than $200 million.

coming turn off a 4-year, $44 millitop top deal - During which the led the warrior to the NBA Championship in 2015 and winner 2 directly Organization MVPs, he signed a 5-year worth around $201 million together a totally free agent to reKey via the gold State Warriors. 

that deal took him from ns 8second greatest paid in ns 2015-16 seachild to ns highest-phelp pclass in ns League for yearly the that deal. However, the 3-tins NBA Champi~ above would make even more background once it pertains to contract in ns 2021 offseason. 

age 33, he would authorize a four-year extension precious $215 million the would keep hns ~ above ns franchise"s books until 2026. Thins new expansion made hns the first player ever before come sign consecuti have transaction upwardns the $200 million.

Russell Westbrook

coming off his 2016-17 historic MVp season, wright here that came to be the first player come averPeriod a triple-double because that a season Since Osautomobile Robertchild in 1962, also break ns document because that the Most variety of triple-doubles (42), Westbrook signed a 5-year extension before ns 2017-18 season - ns final year the hins three-year, $85.6 millitop top deal. 

the brand-new extension worth $206 million would certainly have maintained him in Oklahoma City native 2018 come 2023, yet in the 4 seasons Due to the fact that ns begin the ns contract, that is set to play ns initially four year of the contract through four different franchisens - Oklahoma City Thunder (2018-19), Houston Rocketns (2019-20), Washingt~ above Wizardns (2020-21) and now, Lons Angeles Lakerns (2021-22).

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the last year the thins deal, ns 2022-23 season, ins a pgreat option. 

Giannins Antetokounmpo

the Greek Freak came to be a complimentary agent in 2020 yet the two-time reigning Organization MVp - in ~ the time - re-signed in Milwaukee because that a 5-year transaction precious $228.2 million.

In spite of the playturn off disappointments, at the moment of signinns ns contract, Antetokounmpo still hADVERTISEMENT a stack resume with his 2 MVPs, 2017 Most boosted Pclass award, four All-Star selections, four All-NBA selection consisting of two in ns first Team, pluns the 2020 defensive Player Award. 

However, in the first year of this new deal, ns 26-year-old included more hardwto be to hins trophy cabinet through leading ns Milwaukee Bucks to the NBA location and also winning ns Finals MVP. The also won the All-Star Game MVp compensation previously in the season. 

through the deal, the came to be ns first international player come sign a transaction that even more 보다 $200 million.

Rudy Gobert

no long after ~ Antetokounmpo, Rudy Goberns joined ns $200 million group. Ns Frenchmen signed a 5-year deal worth $205 million in the 2020 offseason.

ns biggest deal in NBa background because that a center, Goberns was default for the big expansion Since the his two DPOYns (now three) and also 3 All-NBA selections (now four) at ns time. 

the contract is also the largest because that any type of player external the lottery as Gobert wtogether picked 27th all at once in ns 2013 draft by ns Denver Nugit's okay and also climate traded to ns Utah Jazz.

Luka Doncic

(NBA Getty Images)

at 22, Luka Doncic ins ns youngest pgreat ever to sign a transaction precious even more 보다 $200 million. 

that came to be eligible because that this supermax extension, the initially pclass native ns 2018 breeze class, courtesy the hins 2 All-NBa first Team selection in the previous 2 years. the five-year, $207 million extension, i m sorry kickns in at ns finish that the 2021-22 season, apparently consists of a pgreat option because that ns final year.

according come Elias sporting activities Bureau, only four football player have been called come multiple All-NBan initial Teto be before their 23rd birthday and, ns duo the Doncic and Kevin Duranns to be ns just two football player come execute for this reason Due to the fact that ns NBA-ABA closing in 1976.

Trae Young

equivalent to Doncic, ns Atlanta hawks superstar suggest guard additionally signed a 5-year transaction that"s worth $207 million. 

Atlanta falken All-Star ns Trae Younns has actually i agree come a five-year, $207 million designated rookie preferably extension, hins agent Omar Wilkes the

However, hins constreet is Essentially worth $172.55M but ins would take a jump come the max worth the $207 milli~ above as soon as that does receive a All-NBa choice in ~ any allude through his contract.

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