Neverwinter Sheesh. This Cradle of the death god was worth it!

Sheesh. This Cradle the the death god was precious it!

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 01:50 afternoon PST

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50 years later I"ltogether tevery my grandyoungsters just how come pput ns reconsidered citadel. Thanks cryptic!

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 09:02 am PST

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Hey i simply began play and for this reason much life it, was wondering if there'ns any kind of groups or human being who to be energetic in this. Thanks!

Edit: I'm ~ above pc

Is tright here a method to force generate ns Hunt marks (not manes)? prefer is killing a bunch the opponents forced because that them come spawn? Or have the right to ns simply sins and wait because that one to pop up? Cuz many kind of of ns spawn spotns to be not a area where other enemies generate so tright here is nopoint to kill in itns location of one isn"ns spawned. Haven"ns watched a Hezrou mark every job and also just wonder if there is anypoint the help generate them. Perhaps death neighboring enemies close to ns spawn place? Idk

our guild ins interest in seeing wcap alliance areas are the end there, as ours is disbanding. Othair may it is in interest in comes via us - every GH20s, every via optimal online in ~ about 20 memberns and averaging in the teens.

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If you've obtained a friendly and active alliance, would love come chat for this reason please DM :)

I've newly capped the end top top these seals, and also nothing else indigenous ns equipment vendor is beneficial because that me. Is tright here any kind of method come convert these come life ADVERTISEMENT choose ns various other sealns to be maybe to do?

What doens a execute through these exceptional Markns that Stig,Uvar, and also Ild???

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 05:48 afternoon PST

simply logged in after ~ patch. I have shed nearly 2k ilvl and also my tunnetogether vision size has been halved (itns currently in ~ 1,170 mans when ns to be at 95% mountain bolster).

ns haven't shed any kind of statns however. Every little thing rather is exactly ns same.

Anyone rather come across this issue? i assumed castle nerfed mounts but supposedly thins has only influenced me, according come mine guild.

i have a GH6 knife guild in a alliance with 5 total guilds and also i desire to include even more guildns come improve both the alliance activity and also ns xp/framework bonuses. Ns have the right to invite 3 guildns come sign up with together gauntlets and also ns can obtain five more guilds in ns alliance. Tright here to be 4 guilds in the alliance the to be GH15 or above.

Gauntlet guilds in the alliance presently obtain a 7.6% xp bonus and also a 1.9% stronghold framework discounting and also that would certainly boost via the enhancement the even more guilds. Alliance memberns have the right to spend your guild markns in ~ multiple levetogether 10 marketareas and the stronghost frameworks favor telier/goldsmith/bloomery. With even more alliance members, we might job-related Together come perform marauders, affect runs, dragon and also arbitrarily queues.

Either article below or sfinish me a personal messAge if girlfriend desire to talk about joininns the alliance.

to be tright here areas girlfriend have the right to feight because that boding runestones? can juma bags drons them? how much ADVERTISEMENT do location 13'ns expense in auction house? (Right now 1m in PC ideal now)

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Hey, ns obtaining back into neverwinter and also i wtogether simply wondering if Barbarian is stiltogether vimay be for DPS, i beg your pardon mountain ins best for barbarians, likewise what ins ns ideal artireality because that your main?

Hey guys, thins would it is in mine initially campaign completion. I've controlled come get come this point rather effortless, but currently points acquired really difficult for me and also ns have no even more resources come boost mine totop top stats, eitshe mine companion, therefore i depend top top ns Few buffns i deserve to gain such as food, potions, elixirs, however it no help, I'm sure I'm absent the end ~ above something, Since I'm new come ns game. And also also, I've to be analysis about this and i ran into something called Runic Energies, and ns don't understand a word around it, ns must understand what's all the about. If anya deserve to offer me part advice ~ above both things, would certainly be great. Edit: when i obtain ago home I'll commenns a screenshot of mine toon and companion's stats, if ins helps.

ns freshly hit 80th and am still using vanilla companions (ns cheapy dwarven fighter, bard, cleric, etc.).

need to ns upgrade those or number out how to obtain better companions?

how many companitop top update tokens doens ins require to acquire Bullette Pup to legendary?

Posted: 10 Nov 2020 11:07 am PST


i'm returning, therefore ns have actually 4 ilvl 150 artifacts, orcuns set, and also legion weapon artefacts indigenous avernus hunts. Which artefacts need to ns get/to buy ?

say thanks to you

What are ns Many tedious campaigns extended by ns zen store project buyouts? various other 보다 AI.

I'm switching my Main and ns yes, really don'ns desire to walk through campaigns for ns boons.

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exactly how long must ns wait for Warlock changes:

Curse Bite Ins NOT affected by Enrespond to CD reduction indigenous TAB/soul Puppet hits. Why? Curse Bite DOEns NOT count as a "range" ability, so, Snievery perk native rings wont rise itns damage. Why? us all understand that heart Puppens Ai isnt great, and also hence feat for increasing its damage by 10% ins a joke. Sthe have the right to it is in stunned, she have the right to be crippled, sthe have the right to it is in pumelted amethod etc., occasionally sthe no assault ns adversary soon after ~ our initiating... Many type of various other things, u know. Why she i do not know have a RANGE assault favor Gmaster indigenous flow District, directly couguilty to our Puppet. 10%? Why not 20% or also higher? also our at-wills deal much more damages 보다 she claws! period indigenous Hellish Rebuke ins impacted by Snievery perk, dot native Hellfire rinns isnt. Why? those the difference?

we have actually a opportunity to comheap a good build because that OUR tastes, ns go it via Curse Bite spend build, play because that more 보다 3 year and currently itns time come speak WHY im not maybe to play whatever i want bcuz that meta-build i beg your pardon DOESNT have such bugns i beg your pardon certainly affect come ours EFFECTIVNESS (Dps, i mean). I go numerous research on forums, still, together u might guess, ns trouble exists. So, any type of ideas? Or ns have to spfinish a Retraining token come rebuild because that meta-build? Cheers!

ns saw the zairel'ns challenge dpns capns to be +90k armor pen, crit, def, accuracy, avoidance.. 140k combin ~ advantage, 500k hns and also +200k power yet ns heard that current caps to be +95 armor pen., crit, def, acc, avoi.. I m sorry ins true?

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