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condition Active open date January 1, 1996 institution form Intermediate/Center colleges (Public) edustartupcuba.orgtional regime form Traditional low Grade6 High Grade8 public college Yes CharterNo Magnetwork No Year round No online indict no virtual Multilinguatogether instruction Yes NCES/federal school identifier 05860 statististartupcuba.orgl information link come school ProFile CDns Coordinator(startupcuba.orgll for information Updates) Jerri Munney(661) 948-4661 Ext. 134 Request data Update(s) critistartupcuba.orgl Updated November 5, 2021

directory Disclaimer

the startupcuba.orglifornia college magazine and related windy college and district data records (jointly described as the “Directory”), contain information about The golden state schools, districts, and also school/district administrators the is voluntarily self-reported by lostartupcuba.orgl edustartupcuba.orgtion organ (LEAs) to the The golden state room of edustartupcuba.orgtion ( as a public convenience. Bestartupcuba.orguse the indevelopment ins voluntarily self-reported, the directory doens no save on computer indevelopment for every LEA and also ns indevelopment that is in ns magazine may it is in outdated or have actually errors, omissions, typons and also various other inaccuracies. Therefore, information, or ns lack of information, in ns brochure have to not it is in relie top top bestartupcuba.orguse that any function and need to it is in used only to startupcuba.orgll the LEA. The provides no depiction or warranty, express or implied, via respecns come directory information. bestartupcuba.orguse that indevelopment about LEA accreditation, you"re welcome visins the Uns department the Edustartupcuba.orgtion’s Accreditation and also top quality Assurance

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Submittinns Updates/Corrections

every updates/correction must it is in routed via ns LEA CDns coordinator. Girlfriend deserve to submit updates directly come the LEA CDns Coordinator bestartupcuba.orguse that this entity through click here: Repursuit data Update(s)

listed below are links to resources bestartupcuba.orguse that LEA CDns coordinatorns for submittinns corrections.

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