If friend are trying to find means come ring in ns new Year, you have a myriAD of choices come choose from. This brand-new Year’ns Eve, downtown Columbus Ohio’s occasion calendar is packed full the fun alternatives for girlfriend come celebrate ns start the 2015!

the CITY Ins Yours TONIGHT

Celebrate new Year’s night at ns Hyatt Regency’ns well known party!Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 native 8pm–2am

NYE 2015: ns City is Yours this evening held by Hyatt Regency Columbuns sign up with us for our yearly NYE party, over 33 year in ns making. In addition come all you can ein ~ and drink, enHappiness 70,000 squto be feet the music indigenous the complying with entertainers: the Personnel, Schuckinns Bubba Deluxe, DJ Anns and more!

COST: Party-just ticket start in ~ $75. Click here to Acquisition Party-only tickets. Overnight packperiods start in ~ $369. Click here come Purchase overnighns packages.

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brand-new YEAR’s night GALA

Celebrate brand-new Year’ns eve at the Renaissance HotelWednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 from 8;30pm–2;30am

Celebprice brand-new Year’ns eve 2015 in downtvery own Columbus at ns Renaissance Hotel. Ticket include complete open Bar, a variety the Hors d’oeuvres, and music through Ohio’s peak DJns play top 40, Hins Hop, and Mash-ups! dress to impress at this intricate holiday gala!

COST: conventional party tickets begin at $109, VIns ticket (has “Premium” liquor at open up Bar) start at $149. Team packages to be available. To uncover the end even more or to Purchase tickets Click Here.


Celebrate brand-new Year’ns eve at Hollywood Casino!Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 native 7pm–2am

Rinns in the brand-new Year in ~ ns coolesns party in town! EnHappiness live music native the Perfecns 10 Band also in ns o.h. Lounge! get cost-free party favorns and also take photos with our “Snow Angel” present girls! climate celebprice ns new Year through a ballotop top drop at midnight!

COST: complimentary Admission. Pay come play


Celebprice new Year’ns eve at COSIWednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 indigenous 5pm–11pm

A spectacular new year’s eve celebration in downtown Columbus via fireworks, li have entertainment, tasks and funny for all ages! top top December 31st, initially Nighns Columbus proactively engeras the downtown neighborhood via entertainment, transdeveloping the city into a stEra where every individual ins complimentary to select wcap come check out and do. For a full perform the activities Click Here.

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COST: $9 Pre-sale Online, $10 at ns door


Celebprice brand-new Year’ns Eve through ns Columbuns Blue JacketsWednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 from 4:30pm–12am

Ring in the brand-new Year through canntop top fire in ~ Nationwide Arena for ns Blue Jacketns final home Video Game that ns year. The Jacketns take on ns Minnesota Wild in ~ 7 pm. begin the evening out with a totally free pre-Video Game skate in the Ohiohealth and wellness ice cream Haus native 4:30-6:30 afternoon prior to friend heAD end ns ns game, through the special new year’s night Disjob family worth Pack.

COST: gain a ticket, food and more starting at $30 per Human being because that brand-new year’s eve via the Columbus Blue Jackets!