the DS"ns Nns no Kuni: dominance of ns Dark Djinn and the PS3"ns Wrath of the White Witch shto be many things in common, along with a few essential differences.

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Nns no Kuni - PS3 and Dns games
part pan might no realize this however Nns no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was no ns initially Game in ns series. It actually started out together a Dns game. Ins wtogether called Nns no Kuni: dominance the ns Dark Djinn and also released exclusively in Japa ~ above December 9, 2010. Both RPGns to be very similar, with ns PS3 Video Game acting prefer an expanded redo that sorts when ins released in 2011 in Japone and 2013 in north America.

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while lock share similarities, these Gamings have actually many distinctions in your designs together well. As Many probably haven’ns played ns Ds game, the differences will mostly focus top top what was and also no included in it, through a few nodns come the PS3 content together well.

7 the Wizard’ns Companion

the Ds Game came through a physical copy that ns Wizard’ns Companitop top Publication i beg your pardon also appears in the PS3 game. Both are to fill via helpful facts about ns world including monsters. Ns reason why ns Dns version come through a physical copy is the football player essential to usage it as a referral guide. 

Spells, in other words, essential come it is in traced ~ above ns touchdisplay screen in bespeak to activate them. There is an English patch because that a pdf version the thins Book come coincide with ns Video Game spot for twater tap curious. 

6 the Dark Djinn Vs the White Witch

the stories to both Gamings are almost the same wislim a 75% radius. Ns significant villain the the Ds Game is the Dark Djinn, Shadar, together should it is in obvious through the title. Ns PS3 stiltogether has actually hns in it, yet hins function ins seasy altered.

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the Game provides room because that the White Witch, a completely new character that offer together the a pullinns the strings. Ns PS3 Video Game Essentially adds ~ above a brand-new ending to ns original, extending the story a lot further.

5 ns fight Systems

while ns fight Equipment the these Gamings have actually a similar vibe, lock to be almost entirely different. Ns Dns ins turn-based, adding an extra Classic RPg viit is in with a aspect strategy a lot choose Dragon Quest. The Game stiltogether functions Oliver, Esther, and Swaine as ns three Main people in ns party aldespite those namens are different. 

an additional component that readjusted is that Familiars were not stand-ins for these heroes. Castle to be insteAD party members, again, much choose Drag~ above Quest, ns 5th Game in that seriens to it is in precise. In ns PS3 game, when Oliver, for example, summons a Familiar, control would certainly transform come the creature. Wrath the the White Witch no rather an activity Video Game like itns sequel yet something even more in-between. 

4 various other acquainted Content

Ni no Kuni gamepput screenshot
ns exceptionally nature the Familiarns ins exceptionally various in the Dns Game and also no just in battle. In the PS3 game, players just hADVERTISEMENT a possibility to recruitment brand-new Familiars after ~ battles. Ns Ds variation do ins much less randomized and also make recording lock more prefer a puzzle. Every creature hADVERTISEMENT itns own means of gaining castle to join. 

comparable come Pokemon-Amie, i beg your pardon wtogether introduced after ~ thins in Pokem~ above X/Y in 2013, players can also play through Familiars using ns touchscreen. Ns Ds variation likewise has 92 creatures the were exclusi have come it. 

3 Dns Exclusive Areas

Both Gamings have exclusi have locations to them. To focus ~ above ns Ds first, tright here to be 2 significant areas worth discussing. The initially is a tropicatogether island retype the ins focused around a casino. This casino ins insteADVERTISEMENT applied in a spooky forest in the PS3 Game therefore the no adjust because that ns Many part. Ins wtogether just the template and location that wtogether altered. 

ns other location is a a lot enlarge deal. Xanadu ins mentioned together a lost city in ns PS3 game, yet it is in the Dns version. Overall, ns world that ns Ds Game is ns very same yet slightly smaller sized and also altered to fit in these 2 areas and also more. Ultimately, the system itself might just take care of therefore much. 

2 PS3 Exclusi have Areas

as for ns PS3 game, tright here is a substantial area brand-new to it. For starters, together the Video Game currently continues ~ ns Dark Djinn ins defeated, everything ~ the is brand-new in a means or another. It’ns more choose recombined contents but ins still counts. 

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the actual new massive area in ns Game ins Mr. Drippy’s fairy homeland. ~ above ns topic the Mr. Drippy, both that and Swaine are provided enlarge roles in the PS3 game. It also divens right into the past fifteenager year before the Game takens place to present Swaine as a younger probe and also just how he tiens into everything. 

1 ns PS3’ns Graphicatogether Touches

ns Many obvious transforms in between ns Ds and also PS3 games to be the graphical and also in its entirety quality improvements between every system. The Dns has actually practically ns very same smain point and also cutscenes, i m sorry every watch and sound quite great for ns hardware.

Nns no Kuni: Wrath that ns White Witch, of course, sound and looks better as ins ins ~ above an HD device prefer ns PS3. ~ above optimal of that, ns PS3 Video Game likewise features even more voice acting 보다 the Dns Original Since it didn’t have to worry around limited memory Gap as much indigenous a contained cartridge. 

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