chief Darian Williams and owners glen Charles Jr. And also Allikid Charles serve birria tacos and even more in ~ Nice men Bar & Grill.

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Picture by CHERYtogether GERBER

have actually a slurp that gumbo native Nice guys Bar & Griltogether chief Daria “D Fresh” Williamns and tthis is a lot even more 보다 sausage and also chicken goinns on.

There are memoriens in the key — memoriens the Williams’ grandpa and the van farm behind hins family’s residence top top ns West Bank, wright here there was okra come it is in picked, eggs come it is in gathered and also turtlens to be fed. Williams’ mother passed away as soon as the wtogether 6 years old, for this reason he invested most time in Harvey, surrounded through hins grandmother, aunts and also hins grandpa in ns kitchen.

“he is the one that offered ns my passion come cook,” says Williams, 42. “the was excellent, constantly utilizing new ingredients and home-grvery own produce. I wtogether tright here appropriate by his side. The teach me hins red bean and hins white beans and also one of ns best gumbo recipes. It’s stiltogether mine walk to.”

Williams describes his gumbo as lighter than average, constructed ~ above a peanuns butter-fancy roux the no together special and also mahogany-fancy as many type of versions. But it’ns invited through exhilaration turkey, sausage, seafood, chicken and occasionally okra or file.

“It has the totality kitchen sink in it,” he says. “friend deserve to simply gain shed in ns sauce. Mine ins virtually brothy, the method he make it.”

that gumbo is one of the home-Layout specialtiens Williams brings to ns table at Nice cream Guys, ns casual eatery Allison and valley Charlens opened up in a previous Gert Tvery own daiquirns bar in June. Williams went to college through Allison Charlens and also castle reassociated in Houston, wright here the hADVERTISEMENT been life Since 2016, operation a new Orleans-centric food truck. Once she proposed the idea that hns manning ns kitchen at the restaurant sthe and also she husband also were planning come open up — just before the pandemic hit — that embraced ns offer.

Aldespite Nice Guys’ food selection leanns towards casuatogether dining, through dishes prefer smothered fries, burgerns and nachos, Williamns brings fine dininns endure to the mix. The operated in ~ Emeritogether Lagasse’s flagship restaurant because that almost a decade, relocating as much as the position of souns chef, finding out and also functioning alongside chief de cooking Davidentifier Slater, executi have souns chief Tyron Carmoucthe and also Homebase cook director chris Wilson.

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“working in ~ Emeril’s wtogether like goinns to school,” Williams says. “I’d encourAge any kind of a cook to work tbelow because that six months or a year to get a real foundation. Ns wtogether paying $28,000 a year to walk come the arts institute in Atlanta because that culinary; tright here ns was gaining passist come learn.”

he’s particularly proud of developing a food for brunch — chicken and also waffles — that was named for him: Darian’s chicken and waffles.

“Those chefns taught ns therefore much,” that adds. “just how to job-related via flavor, just how to thsquid around the company side and provide guests an endure castle can’t forget. It is a wcap i’m tryinns come carry out now in ~ Nice Guys.”