A difficult Day"ns Nightns Beatles

"A hard Day"ns Night" wtogether the title Track to the Beatles" initially movie, i m sorry wtogether surprisingly good: it was nominated because that 2 Oscars.

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give thanks to YouDicarry out

Eminem sampled Dido"s "thank You" for hins Track "Stan," and also Dido appeared in hins videotape together Stan"s unfortunate wife.

run hall DaysWanns Chunns

Wanns Chung"ns "80ns Standard "run hall Days" ins around just how points can begin basic yet finish up complex. Initially girlfriend "take her baby through ns hand," yet by the end sthe has actually an amethyst in she mouth.

we Didn"t start ns FireBilly Joetogether

Billy Joetogether wrote "us Didn"ns begin the Fire" after ~ a 21-year-old told him, "everya knows the nothing occurred in ns "50s."

Uncle John"ns Bandthankful DeADVERTISEMENT

"Uncle John"ns Band" through ns grateful DeAD was the first time ns phrase "God Damn" showed up in a commercially-released song.

stunner KidsKesha

"crazy Kids"" lyrics to be influenced by a birthday party that Ke$ha"s, i beg your pardon sthe defined as, "a stunner night."

Protest SongsMusic Quiz

how fine perform you recognize her procheck song (including ns one the checked out #1)?

Michael SchenkerSongwriter Interviews

the Scorpion and UFO guitarist is likewise a very prolific songwriter - he explains just how that writens through hins miscellaneous groups, and why he was therefore crawl to obtain the end of Germany and also into England.

bill WithersSongwriter Intersee

spirit music legend bill Withair ~ above exactly how life endure and ns firm you store leader come Standard song choose "skinny on Me."

kris ReaSongwriter Interviews

It took him seven year come recoup from his Amerihave the right to hins "Fool (If you Thoctopus It"ns Over)," yet chris Rea ended up being one of ns peak singer-songauthors in hins indigenous UK.

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Gary Brooker that Procol HarumSongwriter Intersee

the leADVERTISEMENT singer and pianist for Procol Harum, Gary talks around findinns ns music ideregarding match ns words.

Carol KayeSongwriter Intersee

A peak conference musician, Carotogether play on hundreds of access time by ns Bevery Boys, ns Monkees, Frank Sinatra and many type of others.