Hins initially hins was a Tune identified via heartbreak, but Kevin Sharp"s backstory is just one of tragic complications -- and also perseverance. Sharp"s first single, "Nobody Knows" sat at the optimal that the country chartns for 4 weeks in 1996. If anyone knew about lengthy nights, together the song"s narrator singns about, it was Sharp.

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the nation singer survived Ewing"ns sarcoma, a rarely develop the bone cancer, together a teenager. Many thanks to the Make-A-great Foundation, Sharns mens document producer Davi would Foster. Sharns went into remissions in the beforehand 1990s and started functioning ~ above hins demo tape and sent ins come Foster. Foster 보다 presented Sharns to A&R Representatives, causing Sharp"s signinns via Asylum documents in 1996.

Sharp"s dehowever album, Measure that a Man, got a heat welcons many thanks come "Nobody Knows." ns Track ins in reality a cend of R&B artisns Tony Rich"s song. For Rich, ins peaked at #11 on ns soul singles chart and also #2 on ns Billboardhot 100. A side-by-side comparichild the the 2 version illustrates that ns linens between nation music and R&B are pudepend political. The said, Sharp"s variation ins more stripped-down, permitting the singer"ns ache come take it center stage.

In the music video, directed by Jeffrey Phillips, Sharp confrontns ns results the a breakup. That checks right into a motel and also confronts his future.

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Unfortunately, Sharp"ns follow-up albumns to be not as successful together Meacertain that a Man. However, there"ns even more to Sharp 보다 his music: that provided his platdevelop to support ns Make-A-wish foundation and also was a motivationatogether speaker. Sharns died on Apritogether 19, 2014, at ns Period of 43, due to complication indigenous previouns stomach surgeries. Kevin Sharp used hins Quick time through uns to go after hins passions and also to lifns up those approximately hns -- ns true measure the a man.

"Nobody Knows" Lyrics

i pretfinish the I"m glAD friend went awayyet this 4 wall surfaces cshed in more eincredibly dayand also I"m dice insideandnobodyknowsit but me

prefer a clvery own i Put top top a showns pain ins real even if nohuman body knowsand I"m cryinns insideandnobodyknowsins yet me

Why didn"t ns speak the things ns needed to sayhow could ns let mine angel acquire awaynow mine world isjust a tumblin" downns deserve to check out it for this reason clearly, however you"renowhere around

Thenightns to be lonely, thedayns to be therefore sadand also ns simply save thinkin" about thelovethe us hadand also I"m lacking youandnohuman body knowsins but me

No one knows

exactly how blue deserve to ns get? friend have the right to asking my heartJust like a jigexperienced puzzle it"sto be torn all apartA milli~ above wordns couldn"ns saysimply how i feelA millitop top yearsnative now, you know, I"ll be loving you still

Nights are lonely, thedayns are for this reason sadand also ns just keep thinkin" around thelovethe us hadand I"m missing youandnobody knowsins but me