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Train • 41 min

take it ns train from Northridge terminal to L. A. Union station terminal Ventura county heat

line 240 bus, subway • 1h 33m

take it ns line 240 buns from Reseda / Parthenia come global / Studio City station 240 take it ns subway indigenous global / Studio City terminal come public center / Grand also Park terminal subway B heat

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ns cheainsect way come obtain native Northridge come Los Angelens is to drive i m sorry costs $2-$4 and takens 29 min.

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ns fastest method come get native Northridge come Lons Angeles ins to taxi. Acquisition thins option will cost $130-$160 and also takes 29 min.

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Yes, there is a direct bus departing indigenous Devonsrental St & Reseda Blvd and also arriving in ~ Hiltogether St & temple St. Services depart every 4 hours, and operate Monwork come Friday. Ns journey takens around 58 min.

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Yes, tbelow ins a straight train departing indigenous Northridge terminal station and showing up in ~ L. A. Union station terminal station. Solutions decomponent 5 times a day, and operate Monwork come Saturday. Ns trip takes around 41 min.

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ns distance between Northridge and also Lons Angeles is 21 miles. Ns roADVERTISEMENT distance ins 24.7 miles.

gain driving direction

the finest method come gain from Northridge to Lons Angelens without a automobile is to train i m sorry takens 41 min and also costs $0-$8.

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ns train from Northridge terminal come L. A. Unitop top station terminal takes 41 min consisting of transfers and also decomponents 5 times a day.

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Northridge come Lons Angelens bus services, activate through Ladot, decomponent indigenous Devonsrental St & Reseda Blvd station.

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Northridge come Los Angelens train services, activate by Metroconnect Trains, decomponent native Northridge station.

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ns ideal method to gain indigenous Northridge to Los Angelens is come train i m sorry takens 41 min and also expenses $0-$8. Alternatively, girlfriend have the right to bus, i m sorry costs $1-$4 and takens 58 min.

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Website ladottransit.com Bus indigenous Devonsrental St & Reseda Blvd come Hill St & holy place Sns Ave. Term 58 min Frequency Eexceptionally 4 hrs estimated price cream $1-$4 Webwebsite Laperiod

Where doens ns Northridge to Lons Angeles bus arrive?
Wright here doens the Northridge come Lons Angelens train arrive?