personal School25 Maysame Rdbrand-new Hyde Park, NY 11040Nassau County(516) 354-5618


spiritual AffiliationCatholic

Co-Ed StatusCoed

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Notre Dame college is a private elementary college situated in new Hyde Park, NY and enrolls 440 students in grades Kindergarten with 8th.Notre Dame institution is the 137th biggest private institution in new York and the 1,512th biggest nationally. It has 15.0 studentns come every teacher.

Enrollmenns location Nationally: 1,512th the end that 16,344Enrollmenns location in brand-new York: 137th the end the 953Student/Teacher location in new York:70ninth out of 950full-time Teacshe rank in new York:187th out of 931

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SchoolTypeGradesStudentsstudent Teacshe RatioDistance
Notre Dans Schoolnew Hyde Park, NYPrivatePK - 0844015:1
Mano one Oaks wilhelm Bowin other words Schoolnew Hyde Park, NYPublicKg - 0635119.5:11 miles
at an early stage Childhood Centernew Hyde Park, NYPublicPK - KG34416.7:11 miles
Denttop top Ato meet Schoolnew Hyde Park, NYPublicKg - 0563114.3:11 miles
Hillside grade Schoolbrand-new Hyde Park, NYPublicKg - 0651514.7:11 miles
IrVictory Altguy Middle college 172Floral Park, NYPublic05 - 0898918.5:12 miles
ours Lady that the Snows SchoolFloral Park, NYPrivatePK - 0841216:12 miles
center Streens SchoolWillist~ above Park, NYPublicKns - 0551012.1:12 miles
good Neck southern Center Schoolexcellent Neck, NYPublic06 - 0879510:12 miles
Pns 115 James J Ambclimbed school (the)Floral Park, NYPublicPK - 0570416.5:12 miles
Garden City Park SchoolGarden City Park, NYPublicKns - 0626911.2:12 miles
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