Tright here are 140.65 mile native Oak Ridge to Nashville in west directitop top and also 161 mile (259.10 kilometers) through car, following ns I-40 route.

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Oak Ridge and also Nashville to be 2 hrs 32 mins far apart, if you journey non-stop.

Thins ins ns fastest path from Oak Ridge, TN come Nashville, TN. Ns halfmeans suggest is Cookeville, TN.

please Keep in mind ns tins difference between Oak Ridge, TN and Nashville, TN is 1 hour. The current time in Oak Ridge is 11:29 afternoon and also the present time in Nashville ins 10:29 pm.

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Gtogether usage and Emissions

A vehicle with a fuetogether efficiency of MPg will certainly require 6.48 gallonns the gregarding cend the route between Oak Ridge, TN and also Nashville, TN.

the approximated cost of gas to walk from Oak Ridge to Nashville ins $20.56.

Throughout ns route, a averPeriod vehicle will release 127.05 poundns of CO2 come ns atmosphere. The carb~ above footPrint would be 0.79 pounds of CO2 per mile.

AverEra usa gas price used for calculation is $3.17 every galltop top that regular gas. Price last update on September 25, 2021.

finest hotels In or near Nashville, TN

do girlfriend have where come continue to be once you arri have to Nashville, TN? examine out our hotel recommendations:

Halfway suggest between Oak Ridge, TN and Nashville, TN

If girlfriend want come fulfill halfmethod between Oak Ridge, TN and Nashville, TN or just make a speak in ns Center the your trip, the exact coordinates of the halfmethod allude that thins course are 36.135288 and also -85.482422, or 36º 8" 7.0368" N, 85º 28" 56.7192" W. Thins place is 80.73 miles away native Oak Ridge, TN and also Nashville, TN and it would take roughly 1 hour 16 mins come revery ns halfway point from both locations.

Closesns City or Town come Halfway Point

ns closest tvery own to the halfmeans allude is Cookeville, TN, positioned 84 miles from Oak Ridge, TN and also 79 miles from Nashville, TN. Ins would certainly take 1 hour 22 mins come go indigenous Oak Ridge come Cookeville and also 1 hours 18 mins to walk indigenous Nashville to Cookeville.

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Weather in Oak Ridge and Nashville

to compare the weatshe this particular day and ns next four days in Oak Ridge, TN and also Nashville, TN:

Oak Ridge

No precipitati~ above throughout ns week.

SatSens 25 SunSep 26 MonSens 27 TueSep 28 WedSep 29
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