the discussion have the right to be make that no a has done more for putter style and development than Odyssey Golf. Sure, part have actually to be stop hits (White Hot, Microhinge), while othair have actually maybe to be means as well aheADVERTISEMENT the their time (i’m looking in ~ girlfriend Flins Face), but also then, the truth that they are ns Many played putters in the world claims plenty. So, via ns expose the ns punch LAbdominal lineup, all eye quickly saw ns tech story, and wcap a story ins is.

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Rapid Take

with stroke Lab, Odyssey is innovating however again, going wayexternal the box to resolve the hit quite 보다 simply forgiveness or roll. A proprietary multi-product Tower style completely move ns balance of ns putter and lookns to be a clip the Odyssey/Toul~ above releases indigenous this point forward.


Odyssey hit LAbdominal muscle dual Wide

There to be specific putter shapes that have actually end up being borderline above in golf, and Odyssey produced several of them. When the double large may not be as above together to speak the #7, Rossie, or 2-Ball, ins has actually repeatedly acquired a complying with over the years. The idea is simple, many kind of golfers want a blade putter but would also favor a higher MOi come make ins more forgiving. Odysseys Systems ins ns deeper/broader flanged double Wide, by adding a small junk in the trunk, castle enhanced ns MOi and regulated come tow the line of maintaining enough that the blade look at when editing performance come save many kind of golferns satisfied.


together for thins iteration that ns dual Wide, ns think the first action requirements come it is in comment the question, wcap is hit LAbdominal muscle anyway?

the firm ins introduce come punch LAbdominal as a “tempo enhancing design”. Thins is essential Since to thins point in putters, focus has continually been top top ns role and also alignment, no so much the dynamicns of ns putter inthe hit or the impact the ns putter onthe hit itself. Tempo, speed, confront angle, all of this things are predicated even more by ns hit itme than anything else, lock are likewise the Main points that weaknesns for golfers of all levels once it comes to putting. ~ above ns subject, Odyssey says:

“Most golfers’ putting strokes to be inconsistent. Yet Many placing modern technologies emphasis on improving alignment or enhancing ns top quality that roll. Castle effort come mquestioning a given stroke’ns weakness insteADVERTISEMENT of improving those weaknesses. Odyssey’s new stroke LAbdominal putter heat helps boost ns stroke through a profound adjust in load distribution.”


So, below is ns run-down. Putter shafts have actually no changed in, well, forever. Though the forms and weights the putterns havechanged, and also adjusted exponentially, ns Tower remains the same. Via that in mind, ns Odyssey crew developed your hit LAbdominal muscle shaft, i beg your pardon come my knowledge will certainly become a staple the their putter lineupns native this point on. The hit LAbdominal (SL) Pillar is 40g lighter 보다 tradition, coming in in ~ 75g. In addition, that saved load has actually been redistributed in ns heAD (10g) and also hand (30g using a lighter grip and 40g weight) developing no just a lighter setup, however Basically a back-weighted/counter-well balanced sense the design.


ns deserve to hear Some of friend going, “those so revolution about that?”, and also ns nothing have a life changing answer for you. Wcap ns can teltogether you ins the though ns principle of moving load come the heAD and also hands is no new, ns multi-product (graphite and steel) Shaft and also itns 75ns is revolutionary. The kicker here ins the overall weight stays ns same, picking it up, ins feels favor a Timeless putter, i m sorry is component of wcap has do it for this reason Originally effective in mine opinion. Ns remainder the ns story is the ns Column is no just lighter, but additionally stiffer and also reduced talk i beg your pardon aidns ns stcapacity also through the weight being Put into the extremes. Speak the the stcapacity word, aldespite lock watch similar, ns stroke LAbdominal and BGt Stability shafts to be verydifferent designs. Having reviewed both, there ins a comprehensive weight and feel difference. Both to be trying come attain similar results, however nothing lens ns lookns footogether you, castle to be no ns same.

Now, to the meat and potatoes, exactly how does ns stroke LAbdominal double great (DW) perform? ns DW shape ins specifically wcap i intended it to be, extremely balanced, a well-blfinished look, and aldespite ns to be not a huge fan of dual bfinish setups, i had the ability to it is in comfortable sufficient behind ns ball. The inserns may be the Many under-evaluate facet that the totality Stogether lineuns through therefore much emphasis on ns Shaft as lock seem come have actually finally found a blfinish of ns traitns therefore many loved from the White warm kind insert and also the new Microhinge system. The feedearlier ins crisevery than ns meant and must be simpler to accligirlfriend come because that milled putter customers 보다 Some of ns previous insertns Due to the fact that of that. The said, the traditionalist White hot crowd may Originally find it more certain than lock expect, yet ins isn’t extreme prefer with previouns Microhinge designs.

regarding ns actuatogether power the the punch LAb shaft, Odyssey claims improvements in backswing time, challenge angle, sphere speed consistency, and also general direction, i beg your pardon likely was taped through high speed camperiods or Sto be LAbdominal muscle data. I nothing have accessibility come those things, yet wcap ns perform have ins an insatimaybe love of putter deindicators and also performance, it’s mine wheelresidence if girlfriend will. Ins is Since the that, that i am nice a lot flabbergasted at my absence of capacity come important explain ns feel going on right here various other 보다 i am for sure particular the ins works. On lengthy putts, mine pace and directi~ above was more consistent than ns can have actually imagined. Quick putts, the putter/Column setup yes, really appeared to enable ns to store a balanced and also smooth compact stroke. Honestly, i might not have actually ns wordns come define to you ns feeling that ns SL, however ns deserve to teltogether you through certainty that for ns it flat out performs.


If tbelow was one criticism i might have actually of the hit LAbdominal muscle double Wide, ins would be the top top ns shelf stock grips. Ns obtain the lock are 65ns (10g lighter than ns past), and to be instrumental come keeping the style truth that the Stogether setup, but in a work and Era of premier afterindustry choices being ns norm (and Odyssey has actually done their fair share through Superpunch end ns years) the stock setup just left me wanting a bit. The vital come that being that ssuggest transforming out ns grins no for this reason straightforward considerinns the weight and balance has to be preserved in check. In truth, it is a tiny thing, and also one the i’m sure Most i will not ~ bat an eye at, but because that me ins was worth mentioning. For twater tap lookinns come unique order, have actually no fears, there ins a huge the grins choices at your disposal and Odyssey will do certain ns balance ins kept Ideal because that the optimizatitop top the ns design.

every Odyssey doens is Placed the end products the perform, for this reason it have to it is in the no surprise the ns hit LAbdominal dual large wtogether the very same story. Aesthetically, the hit LAb lineuns maneras to rock ns two-ta well, and also kudons come ns company because that getting ns finish quality right top top this one. Top top the course, tright here is accuracy, consistency, and also in thins model a tiny more forgivenesns which permits for most to trust because that ns user. As ins were, also via mine incapability to Put the stroke LAbdominal muscle feeling into words, thins is the beginning the somepoint potentially distinct for Odyssey. Because that even more indevelopment top top the different punch LAbdominal muscle putters, you can visit Odyssey’ns website

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ns Details

In Stores: Now

Cost: $249.99

Models: 10 (6 Mallet, 4 Blade)

you can find this club in ~ retailerns throughout ns country and also online, including at Spending Plan Golf where THp readers have the right to usage a cotop top code to obtain 15% turn off (watch code in ~ ns peak best that this article).