Web Money"s cool, refreshing "Lemonade" hit, i m sorry functions Gunna, Dtop top Toliver and also Nav, burnns every ns means up to No. 16 on the startupcuba.org warm 100 thins mainly (chart dated Oct. 3).

It just renders sense Lyricatogether Lemonade developed ns music video, which functions ns guesns rapperns spitting their versens underwater. And also Roddy Ricch joined their "rockstar life" through hoppinns on ns official remix this week.

Xanny bars, suicide door, brand also brand-new bagcollege girl provide a n---a heADVERTISEMENT in mine RafsRockstar life, for this reason much money it"ltogether make you laugh, heythese bi---ens castle hate and also you can"t miss what girlfriend never before hadHey, hey

off ns juice (juice), codeine acquired ns trippin" (juice)Copped the coupe (coupe), woke up, roof ins missing (yeah)ice (ice), lemonade, mine neck was drippin"ice cream (ice), lemonade, mine neck was drippin"

Addy boys, acquired part 60"ns in mine bag (yeah)Lipns sealed, ain"ns pillow talkin", I"m no rin ~ (no)In my earlobe, gained two karats, VVs (bling)got a pentresidence close to Rodeo turn off that stress (stress)every this money, as soon as ns thrived up, i hADVERTISEMENT nopoint (nothing)fill with backstabbers, mine old life wtogether disgusting (disgusting)can"t think it, gotta say thanks to God the I"m living comfortable (give thanks to God)Gettin" checks, i don"t believe her, sthat speak sthe done with mecharred some bridges, and i let ns fire irradiate ns method (oh-whoa)Kickin" my feens up, left the PJ"s ~ above a PJ (PJ)Yeah, I"m a big dawg, and also ns go approximately via no leash (oh)i got water ~ above me, yeah, everything top top Fiji

Xanny bars, self-destruction door, brand new bagcollege girl give a n---a heADVERTISEMENT in my RafsRockstar life, for this reason a lot money it"ll make girlfriend laugh, heythis bi---es castle hate and also girlfriend can not miss out on wcap girlfriend never before hadHey, hey

turn off the juice (juice), codeine obtained ns trippin" (juice)Copped the coupe (coupe), wake up up, roof ins absent (yeah)ice (ice), lemonade, mine neck was drippin"ice cream (ice), lemonade, my neck was drippin"

I"m a rockstar, play guitars, sippin" Wock", ayy (hey)Adderall, feelin" nausea, xanax bars, ayy (yeah)ns wtogether fifteen, i sins codeine via mine dawg, yes (codeine)walk a Percocet, promethazine, i feeling gnarly (promethazine)Placed uns a smite and also ns hons top top a planeStill in my battle ways (war ways)Shins is for this reason risky, i gotta be giftedhe blessed me through forTrack and also fame (forSong and also fame, nice)ns made my initially fifty, ns couldn"ns walk back emptyns kbrand-new ns wtogether stuck to that game, uh (stuck)loyal and I"ll never change, yeahI"m never before gon" go against ns serial (go "gainst the grain)Never before gon" be one to rotate on mine brother once police cream has got him detained (nah)ns won"t ever before love a bi--- more 보다 mine motherand that"ns ~ above mine government surname (nah)i can"t be no sucker, ain"ns hatinns ~ above no onens wish everybody get paid (paid)"reason we counting uns daily (everyday)acquiring high "titogether ns land also in ns grave

Xanny bars, suicide door, brand also new baguniversity girls offer a n---a heAD in my RafsRockstar life, so much money it"ll make you laugh, heythis bi---ens they hate and also you can"t miss what you never before hadHey, hey

turn off the juice cream (juice), codeine got ns trippin" (juice)Copped the coupe (coupe), wake up up, rothat ins lacking (yeah)ice cream (ice), lemonade, mine neck wtogether drippin"ice (ice), lemonade, my neck was drippin"Yeah, yeah, yeah

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created by: Caleb Toliver, Navraj singh Goraya, Sergio Kitchens, john Lathrop Mitchell, Danny Lee Snodgrass, Jr., Jocelyn Adriene Donald, Donny Flores, Elias Latrou, Nichoras Mira, Henry Lvarious other Nichols, Alexander john Wigdahl