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"be she my Vision" Lyrics
by Ascfinish ns Hill | from ns album take it the World, however provide ns Jesus

be she mine Vision, O lord the my heart;Naughns it is in every else to me, save that you art.you my ideal Thought, by job or by night,Waking or sleeping, her presence my light.be she my Wisdom, and also she mine true Word;i ever via Thee and you through me, Lord;she my great Father, ns your true son;you in ns dwelling, and i via Thee one.wide range i heed not, no one man"s north praise,you mine Inheritance, now and always:you and thou only, Put initially in mine heart,High Kinns that Heaven, my Treasure thou art.Oh, God, it is in my everything, be my delightBe, Jesus, my glory my soul"s satisfiedOh, God, be my everything, be my delightBe, Jesus, my glory mine soul"ns satisfiedmy Jesus, you satisfymine Jesus, friend satisfyHigh Kinns the Heaven, my Success won,may i revery Heaven"ns joys, bright Heaven"s Sun!Heart that mine own heart, whatever befall,Stiltogether be mine Vision, O leader of all.Oh, God, be my everything, be mine delightBe, Jesus, my glory my soul"s to solve

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