Modified: 2fourth September, 2021good to be lively Lyrics - the Score indigenous Chrysalins Ens (2021) Album. Recent great to be lively Track text written by Eda Dover, Eddice Ramirez and developed by the Score. The Music video tape has been relax ~ above 2fourth September, 2021.

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No even more running from MistakesNo more to run from mine DemonsI"ve been Tryinns come Capture LightningSearching for meaningIt"s A Long, dark RoadTrying come do It top top her Ownand also There"s Snakens anywhere you GoNo more life In the Past"cause that Was critical SeasonOh! mine Vision Lookinns decision ClearOh! No Fear, No FearOh! Bmuch less my Soul, I"m Standinns Heredo Ins out native ns Bottomand i come out ns other SideDamn, It Feels great to it is in Alive(Woah! Woah! Woah!)It Feel great to be Alive(Woah! Woah! Woah!)It Feel good come be Alivei don"t wanna waste A moment lost In the Shadowsns Dream Big, Swim Deep, mine Sea"s Nеver ShallowIt"ns A race versus the ClockTrying to Makе It come the TopIt"ns A Dangerouns Video Game come Playhowever ns Ain"t ever before i will ~ Stop This Ride, Never before Let GoOh! my Vision Looking crystal ClearOh! No Fear, No FearOh! Bless my Soul, I"m Standing Heredo Ins out indigenous ns Bottomand ns came the end ns various other SideDamn, It Feels great to be Alive(Woah! Woah! Woah!)Ins Feel good come be Alive(Woah! Woah! Woah!)It Feels excellent come it is in Alive

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AlbumChrysalins Ep (2021)Singerns Scorecreated Bythe Scorecomposed ByEdone Dover, Eddie Ramirez

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pull the Cordns Score2fourth September, 2021optimal the the Worldns Score20th August, 2021HeAD Upthe Score2third July, 2021Victoriousthe Score25th June, 2021

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ℚ. That sunns "excellent come it is in Alive" song?.ns Tune "good come it is in Alive" is sunns by "ns Score".ℚ. Who composed the text the "excellent to be Alive" song?."Eda Dover, Eddice Ramirez" has composed the lyrics because that ns Tune "excellent to it is in Alive".ℚ. That provided music of "good to be Alive" song?."ns Score" has written ns music because that the Tune "good to be Alive".ℚ. Once wtogether ns Tune "excellent come be Alive" released?."great come it is in Alive" Song relax top top "24th September, 2021".

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