In this thing from Microsoft Office residence and also college student 2013 step by Step, Discover how come work-related via notebooks, sections, and also pperiods in Microsofns OneNote house and also student 2013.

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IN THIns CHAPTER, friend will certainly Learn how TO

produce and organize notebooks.

Create, organize, and regulate section and area groups.

create and also theorem pages and also subpages.

include and also theorem notes.

Insert imperiods and work-related via octopus and shapes.

recover turned off section or pages.

Microsoft OneKeep in mind ins constructed approximately the metaphor of a spiral-bound notebook—though that course you can have actually many notebooks in OneKeep in mind if friend like. Every noteBook is separated right into sections, and each area consists of ns pages where your note are located.

prior to friend have the right to obtain began catching principles and also research study via OneNote, girlfriend should get her notebooks, sections, and pperiods collection up. Adding notepublications ins easy. You have to decide wbelow friend desire to keep castle and also wcap you desire to contact them, yet after ~ that, you’re all set come go. Girlfriend can have actually as many notebooks as you have storPeriod Void for. Notepublications should have in ~ least a section, but castle don’t need to have more 보다 one. Likewise, each section has to have at least a page, but deserve to have actually only one. It’s no likely you’ll desire to have a notePublication the has actually only a solitary section and also single pEra in it, but friend can.

practice FILES

girlfriend don’ns need any kind of exercise documents come complete ns exercise in this chapter.

creating a notebook

creating a noteBook is rather straightforward to do. Simply click the Data tAb come walk come the BackstAge view and also climate select New. Ns new NotePublication pAge appears, and also it’ns time come make her initially crucial choice—wright here to Put her brand-new notebook.

OneKeep in mind shows you ns list of locations it recognizes and also gives friend ns option come include a place that ins doesn’t. It’ns precious note that ns add A location option only uses selections that locations in ns cloud. You won’ns acquire regional or network places there. The default place in OneNote 2013, together in many type of program the the Microsofns Office cream home and also college student 2013 suite, ins on your Microsofns SkyDrive. On the list displayed just previously, friend might alert native the symbol the ns initially area noted ins a Microsofns Shareallude site.

as soon as you are picking a area come save her new notebook, there to be a couple of things friend must know:

If girlfriend plan to share this notePublication through mobile devices, only the windows Phone variation of OneNote cell phone have the right to access notebooks save on SharePoint. If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or Androi would user, you’ll should store ns noteBook top top SkyDrive.

If girlfriend plan come share thins notePublication via various other PCs, friend have the right to pick any kind of network-related location twater tap Computers also have access to. A network File share, network-related storPeriod device, SharePoint, or Skydrive will certainly every occupational good as lengthy as every one of the PCs involved can access the location.

after ~ you’ve selected her location, provide your noteBook a name. Select a name that provides feeling to you, but try no come make it too long. Marketing and Clients to be good names. collection of notes about my trips throughthe end north Carolina, California, Canada, and also much of southern Mississippi is a bad name.

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with your area preferred and noteBook named, click develop Notebook. Your new notePublication is produced and opened in OneKeep in mind with a single section and also a single pPeriod wislim that section.