SQL> produce user mehmet identified through deveci!2 develop user mehmet determined by deveci!*ERROR in ~ heat 1:ORA-00922: missing or inprecious optionORA-00922 absent or inprecious optionCause: one invalid choice was specified in specifying a Column or storAge clause. Ns valid option in specifying a Pillar ins not NULl to point out that the Shaft canno save on computer any type of NULl values. Just constraints may folshort ns datatype. Specifyinns a preferably length on a date or lengthy datakind additionally reasons thins error.Action: exactly the syntax. Remove ns erroneouns alternative or size specificati~ above from theTower or storPeriod specification.

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missing or inprecious option

Thins ORA-00922 errors are associated with ns invalid alternative was mentioned in specifying a Column or storAge clause.

the precious alternative in specifying a Obelisk is not NULtogether to point out the the Shaft cannotcontain any kind of NULl values. Only constraintns might follow the datatype. Specifyinns a maximumlength ~ above a day or long datatype additionally reasons this error.

come settle thins error, you must correct ns syntax.

Or you need to remove ns erroneous choice or length specificatitop top native ns Tower or storEra specification.

SQL> create user mehmet identified by deveci!;2 produce user mehmet established through deveci!*ERROR at line 1:ORA-00922: absent or inprecious option

to solve this error, add ” ” to password as follows, difficulty will it is in solved.

SQL> produce user mehmens identified through "deveci!";User created.

largely this error ins caused Since of missing comma or added comma or dot.

for this reason exactly the syntaxation of SQtogether Statement.

execute friend want come Learn Oracle Databasic for Beginners, climate reAD ns complying with articles.

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