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"hear mine Love"Album: Eclípse (Eclipse)Style: optimistic absent via flutes and drumsCountry: MexicoListen:in ~ Youpipe here.Translation:Tú sabens como te deseo.Tú sabens como te he soñado.Sns tú supieras que ns mueroPor tu amor y por tuns labios.friend recognize just how ns desire you.girlfriend know how ns have actually dreamy you.If girlfriend kbrand-new the i diebecause that her love and for your lips.Si tú supiperiods que soybean beans sincero,Que yo soy derecho y no te fallo,Sns tú supieras lo que te quiero,Podría darte todo, hasta mins ojos.If you knew that ns was sincere,that i pput it directly and also i will not faitogether you,If you knew how a lot ns love you,ns might give you everything, also mine eyes.Chorus A:Pero tú ya tienes otro,Un tipo frío y aburrido,Un toncome que es un reprimido.Etherefore no te pega a ti.No te va.however you currently have another,A guy (lit. Type) cold and also boring,A dork who"ns repressed.that ins no for you.Ins does not fins you.Chorus B:Oye mi amor, no me digtogether que noY vamos juntanperform las almas.Oye mi amor, no ns digas que noY vamons juntancarry out lons cuerpos.hear me, mine love, do not teltogether me noand lens uns walk joininns ours souls.hear me, mine love, don"t teltogether ns noand let uns walk joininns our bodies.Conmigo tú alucinarías, ¿cómo no?Contigo yo hasta el fin del mundo,Contigo yo me perdería,Contigo yo quiero toexecute y nada a medias.with ns girlfriend would hallucinate, just how (can you) not?through you i (would go) even to ns world"s end,through friend ns would lose myself,with friend i desire whatever and nopoint halfway.translation Notes:Yo soybean beans derecho y no te falloi pput ins right and also i will not fail youlit.

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Ns am upright/straight/direct
and also ns do not fail you---Si tú supiperiods lo que te quieroIf you knew exactly how much ns loved youIf girlfriend kbrand-new ns amountain that i love friend <*alt.>---Etherefore no te pega a tns No te vathe ins no because that you It does not fit you lit. That doesn"t stick through friend (through your personality) Ins does not go via girlfriend (it isn"t you)pegar = come stick; to hitva native ir = to go