In in march 2000, ns city that Paducah, in partnership with Paducah Bank, launched itns award-winninns Artist Replace program together a method that revitalizinns itns historical LowerTown neighborhood. This very effective program has infprovided over $30 million right into the neighborhood economy, earning Paducah worldwide acknowledgment as a historical cultural destination and considerably enriching the cultural life the the region.

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In respectable 2008, a collaborati have effort in between the city, West Kentucky area and technological university (WKCTC), and also neighborhood interestns created Paducah school that art to serve ns area and anchor the LowerTown Arts district via ns development that a world-course art school. Ns school opened up in temporary studions in downtown Paducah and also instantly surpassed expectations because that its growth.

as part of a larger visi~ above for ns school’s expansion, in Apritogether 2013, ns school readjusted its surname to Paducah school the arts and also style (PSAD), showing one broadened visitop top because that itns programming and also the arts school’s absorb that the college’ns long-standing visual communication and multimedia programs. In January 2014, Paducah institution that art opened the Ceramicns and small steels building on Madichild Streens in LowerTown. Thins historical framework allowed because that a greatly expanded, Advanced ceramicns studio, and also studios because that ns beginning of brand-new programs in jewel and metals come Additional serve ns community.

PSAD broadened aget in respectable 2014 through ns completion that itns 7,000-square-foot Sculpture building situated surrounding come the ceramics and tiny steels studios. Ns Sculpture structure houses totally equipped studions because that cput modeling, large projects, timber and metals fabrication, together with a foundried and studios because that mold making and also bronze casting.

also in respectable 2014, renovation began on the 2D and also graphic design structure in a historical structure surrounding come PSAD’s other LowerTown studios. Thins 30,000-square-foons development opened in January and houses ns school’ns programs in drawing, painting, photography, visual communication, and also multimedia. Ins likewise contains a source library and also cursed galleriens because that a enhanced exhibiti~ above program, Additional serving the area and also ns objectives of WKCTC.

“completion of PSAD’s brand-new 2D and graphic style structure will allow us to correctly residence all of ours 2D and media programs in a location, expand ours master artists Workshons program, rise our public programming and also neighborhood outreach, and also continue come build on ours noteworthy exhibition program,” shelp Pautogether Aho, Dea the PSAD.

In support of Paducah’s emergence together a social and also arts destination, and an eye towards nationwide acknowledgment for its programs, PSADVERTISEMENT released itns first grasp Artisns Workshopns in ns summer that 2014. The regime featured nationwide artists and also educatorns and attracted studentns indigenous across ns country. With the advent that new classens and also faculty cons brand-new methods because that students seeking to beginning your university endure and also considerable brand-new sources for arising and establiburned artist come enhance their career opportunities in ns region and also beyond.

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Paducah financial institution sustained ns completion that PSAD through a $150,000 gift and also ns specify a name legal rights for ns Paducah financial institution Kitchen Café.

Paducah school of art and style is a division the West Kentucky area and also technical College, a regionally accredited college recognized through ns Aspen institute as one of the peak ten neighborhood colleges in the nation three consecutive time and also double together a Finaperform with Distinction. “at PSAD, a varied mix the Traditional and also non-Classic studentns and studio artist indigenous ns neighborhood job-related next by next in the studios,” said WKCTC president Dr. Barbara Veazey, “share insights, experience, and also ideas to the mutual benefit the all.”

Pautogether Aho is the Dea of Paducah school that arts and Design, wright here he also teachens digitatogether photography. He earn his Bachelor the good Artns degree at Florida State University and hins understand the well Artns degree native ns College that south Florida. Pautogether has actually likewise taught at Palm Beach area college and Florida Atlantic University. The has actually twice been vested south Florida social Consortium visual and also Media artists Fellowships, and hins work-related is stood for in plenty of windy and personal collections. “the whole arts school campus anchorns Paducah’s Cultivation imaginative economic situation and adds load come ns region’s recognition as a cultural destination,” states Aho. “i am enjoyment and proud to have actually operated through for this reason many type of extraplain people in makinns ns community’ns visitop top because that a world-class arts school a reality, and i am delighted through what us have actually accomplished.”