St. Louins ache Consultants is among the top and also Most reliable ache monitoring infrastructure in ns St. Louis, Missourns area that specialization in dealing with ns reasons of chronic pain. Us are passionate around help girlfriend end up being totality again.

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Finding ache relief have the right to be tough. Dr. Ann Christopshe is board certified in pain administration and specialization in Interventional pains Management. Ours progressed training in pain therapy has enabled uns to assist diagnose, trein ~ and also rehabilitate those experiencing via chronic pain.

our score ins to carry out relief of pain, proccasion long-term disability, and also come return girlfriend come her maximatogether task level. Us proud ourselves ~ above individualized treatment using Modern diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

Chronic ache has many reasons and feasible treatments. No singles treatment works best for everyone, for this reason us will certainly work to discover ns ideal feasible therapy because that you! at St. Louins ache Consultantns our score ins to carry out effective treatments through a development routine until sufficient pains relief ins reached. Pinpointing ns resource that pains and also using a target treatment plan provides ours method highly successful.


St. Louins pains Consultantns have over 20+ year that endure in ns workers’ compensation field, ours service providers and assistance teto be to be conscious the the distinctive elements entailing the care the an injured worker.

as soon as we to be hurtinns us all desire a tiny additional care. In my experience, ~ my initial consultation via Dr. Christopher, her employee more that capably handled my concerns. Her nurse practitioner ins incredibly fine versed around ache administration and i felns entirely comfortable mentioning my demands via her. I would certainly fairly have my physician available because that my procedure than taking time from the schedule to organize ns hand also that all of she patient thus reducinns the time she have the right to actually be controlling pain.

" ns have been a patient in ~ Sainns Louins pains Consultants for going on two years. Ns was immediately impressed via exactly how i was treated together a patient. The doctors and also everyone i have actually cons in contact via has actually cure ns with dignity, compassion and also professionalism. Lock have one exceptional team caring because that their patients and trein ~ me choose castle would certainly treat a member the your family. mine tins is practical and mine appointmentns have actually always to be top top tins and also come ns point. Ns appreciate that castle worth and also respecns my time as a lot together ns respect theirs."

the staff to be exceptionally friendly and also supportive. The medical professional was exceptionally nice cream and also aided ns deal with mine problems.

incredibly beautifutogether office! ns staff wtogether incredibly friendly and attentive. The physician wtogether really knowledgemaybe and also actually education me about my case and also wcap selections i had.

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ns staff to be exceptionally trusted and also supportive. The physician wtogether exceptionally nice cream and helped me solve mine problems.

the clinical providers and also employee in ~ St. Louins ache Consultants love come help their patients uncover aid because that their pains and also give lock a higher top quality that life. Ns love functioning with together a superb team the people!