ns adhering to is indigenous XP-Pen, for customers that are having cursor problem with Repaint Tool Sai. Castle have given ns permission to shto be this totally free downloADVERTISEMENT of SAns because that users that to be having issues. (I’m going to rerelocate ins finish that March, but have the right to send it come users on repursuit if lock are having actually trouble via their XP-Pen and also Sai.

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Note: if your worry ins that you’re making use of a pen the has a eraser pointer and ns eraser guideline doesn’t work-related with SAi however that’s ns only trouble you’re having,, then ns connect won’t solve your problem. SAns is not top top ns perform of program that work-related with ns eraser tip.

1. SAns only support home windows version.

2. Actually, SAi has actually a lot of bugns and also the users Inquiry tbelow to be 2 methods “maybe” can solve them.

approach 1. Usage this environment of SAI:

(you"re welcome contact me for the link, it is free)

DownloADVERTISEMENT ins indigenous Google Cloud. When ns downloAD is complete, you"re welcome EXstreet climate open ns fenlarge to operation SAI.exe. Try come test this version can be ~ deal with customers question.

b. If this doesn’t work, you"re welcome follow the FAQ below about exactly how to setup SAI, please view the attachment.

technique 2. If ns downloAD of SAi over does no solve ns issue, please folshort this instructions:

Q: my tablens i will not ~ work through Repaint Device SAI; ns cursor will no move in ~ all. Various other imaginative software application doens no have actually thins issue.

A: please folshort this directions:

Encertain that every tablet drivers, consisting of her XP-Pen driver, are unset up completely. To carry out this, open begin >> manage panel >> programs and functions and also examine her program list. Reboot her computer system after uninstallation any tablet software.after ~ rebooting, click “Start,” climate search for “Tablens preferences.” If friend discover a match, you stiltogether have tablet software installed; you"re welcome repeat action 1.Reinstevery your tablet’s recent driver indigenous the support >> Downtons area the ours website. Reboots as soon as more.Encertain that her tablens functions correctly in software program other 보다 SAI.open up your SAns surroundings path, climate open “misc.ini” in a message modifying program such as Notepad.Scrole down come “TabletMouseSimulation.”
7.If ins is set to 0, please adjust ins come 1, climate conserve and exit.8.If it is set to 1, please readjust ins come 0, then conserve and exit.9.open SAns and test because that the issue.

28 thoughts top top “Paint Device Sai and XP-Pen troubleshooting”

Mythterious June 1, 2019 in ~ 10:39 am

I’m having a various problem. ns have ns Xp Pen Artisns 12 tablet and to be making use of Paint Device Sai. My difficulty ins that, because that part reason, ns erase button doesn’ns attribute as an erase button. Ins simply features the exact same together ns pen tip, yet with little come no press sensitivity. I though that if ns switched to ns eraser Device if making use of ns eraser end, it would store that together ns eraser. But when ns switch earlier come ns pen tip, itns still ns eraser. I’ve do the efforts a bunch of things, yet i can’t figure the end how come deal with it.

short article authorJune 4, 2019 at 3:07 afternoon

Hi, Sans is not top top ns list that software the Sai says ins compatible via ns eraser end. Therefore you’re much better turn off simply using ns pen pointer together an eraser tool.

Emily June 12, 2019 at 7:15 afternoon

Hello! i bought sai a lengthy tins ago and i just acquired ns xp pen artist 12 a couple months ago. I’m having actually the same trouble with mine eraser pointer not working together a eraser. Ns was wondering if ns could gain the link come your version of sai? maybe ins could deal with my problem.

one more Concern as well, will i need to uninstevery my existing variation of sans that ns paid because that in bespeak come downloADVERTISEMENT this one? give thanks to you in advance!

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