Since forming in 2004, Panic! in ~ the Disco have ga on to end up being one of the Most famous absent bands in recent history. Through hits such together i wrote guilty not Tragedies and Thins Is Gospel, the band has amassed a enormous adhering to of loyal supporters approximately ns world.

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here we have Brendtop top Urie, ns band’s frontman and also only staying Original member. The come finish through micropha and dressed in his top yellow jacket.

A should because that any Panic! at ns Disco fan!










Paymenns & Security

Amerihave the right to Express to apologize salary Mastercard visa
her payment information is handle securely. We perform no keep crmodify map details nor have actually accessibility come her credit map information.

Refund Policy

Returns our policy lastns 14 days. If 14 dayns have actually gone by Since your purchase, unfortunately, us can not sell you a refund or exchange. to it is in eligible for a return, your items must be unused and in ns same condition that girlfriend obtained it. It must also be in ns Initial packaging. 

A parcel can not it is in went back Due to the fact that of personalizeds duties, taxens or fees, the customer is responsible and has i agreeed to the problems when ordering.numerous types the products to be freed indigenous gift returned. Perishable items together together food, flowers, newsdocuments or magazinens cannot be returned. Us also perform no accept assets that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammmay be liquidns or gases. additional non-returnmay be items: - Gifns cards - downloadable software program products - some wellness and also personal care items come complete your return, we require a receipns or proof the purchase. please do not sfinish her Purchase ago to ns manufacturer. Tbelow are particular situations where just partial refunds to be granted (if applicable) - Book via noticeable signs that use - CD, DVD, VHns tape, software, videotape game, cassette tape, or vinytogether record the has to be opened - any type of article no in its Initial problem is damaged or missing components because that reasons not due to our error - any type of article the is went back even more than 30 dayns ~ delivery Reaccumulation (if applicable) once your rerotate is got and inspected, us will certainly send you an email to notify you that us have actually got your changed item. Us will certainly likewise notify friend that the approvatogether or refusal that her refund. 

If friend to be approved, climate your remoney will certainly be processed, and also a credit will certainly instantly be applied to her crmodify card or Initial strategy the payment, within a particular amount of days. 



change of Mind

ns exceptional Collectables does no market refunds because that change of mind. In ns occasion friend would certainly prefer come rerotate your article because that another product or store credit, the customer is liable for any kind of and also every shipping prices associated. The item should it is in went back to uns in exactly the exact same problem it wtogether obtained by the customer.

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girlfriend need to contact ns amazing Collectables to comment on any exreadjust within 14 dayns of receiving her item. The amazing Collectablens reoffer the right come refuse any type of rerotate the a producns because of readjust the mind. 

every forced refunds will certainly bring about a tax that 15% ~ above ns total of ns order

so late or missing refunds (if applicable) If friend haven’t obtained a refund yet, initially examine her bank account again. then contact your credit card company, ins may take it some time before her refund ins officiallied posted. Next, call your bank. There ins often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done every one of this and also girlfriend stiltogether have actually no received her refund yet, please call us in ~ info revenue items (if applicable) just continual priced items may be refunded, unfortunately, revenue items canno be refunded. Extransforms (if applicable) us only replace itemns if they are defective or damaged. If friend have to exchange ins because that ns exact same item, send us an email indigenous ns call Us page and also sfinish your items come the manufacturer resolve ~ above ns shipping brand the her parcel.Gifts If the item was marked together a gift once purchase and also shipped directly to you, you’ll get a gifns credit for ns value of her return. When ns returned article is received, a gifns certificate will be maicaused you. If ns item wasn’t marked as a gifns when purchased, or the gifns giver hADVERTISEMENT ns bespeak transport come us come give come you later, us will certainly send a remoney come ns gifns giver and also that will find the end about her return. Shippingto return her product, send uns an e-mail from the call Uns pAge and also sfinish her article come the manufacturer resolve top top the shippinns brand of your parcel.girlfriend will certainly it is in responsible because that payment because that your own shipping prices because that return your item. Shipping expenses are non-refundable. If friend receive a refund, the expense that return shippinns will certainly be deducted from your refund. depending on wbelow girlfriend live, the time ins may take it because that her exchanged producns come revery you might vary.